After you work on a car and your hands are all black and oily…?

Okay please read the second paragraph and you’ll understand why I am asking this question…

You get the oil under your nails. Is it really hard to get out? If you take a toothpick or something similar too it, does it flake off from under your nail? Or is it more tricky than that to get off?

Okay I…

im a recovering addict with many years clean! lets put it this way us addicts or junkies are not going to let even a granule of are dope to wasted really under are finger nails . maybe he his but thats not dope under his nails . dope is much to important to the addict no matter what he says! much to important and expensive to waste

Is this question for real?
Yeah. It can be very hard to get motor oil out from under finger nails. I have some under mine right now. Over time the oiliness goes away and it does become flaky. Is he left handed? That could be why its only under his left finger nails. This sounds gross but if you’re totally set on getting to the bottom of this you can taste the black stuff. I don’t know what black tar heroin tastes like but I do know the taste of grimy motor oil. Yuck. Or possibly put some of the black stuff in a glass of hot water and place it in the sun. If you see rainbow streaks on the water surface I’d guess it’s motor oil.

No, Did Auto repair 45 years and never had tar under nails and should come off easily with nail brush and soap. I always kept nails short and nowadays there are disposable gloves that younger generation uses.I seriously doubt that he’d get that in parts store. Only way to find out is to collect some and take to PD, they can check, Have a cop present when you confront him if it turns out to be. Addicts very unpredictable and don’t want to see you get hurt physically. Then make sure you move on.

If one works in the auto parts business they don’t just get oil under their nails. They get oils, dust, metal grindings and common dirt. And it can take days to get all that crud from under the nails.
I am predominantly right handed and when I used to work in the parts dept. of a dealership all my nails looked the same ——– FILTHY. And I rarely had anything to do with oil products in my position.

i always use washing up liquid rubbed into the hands before applying water and use a nail brush on the finger nails this loosens the oil and dirt from the skin before turning the water on to my hands.
this does it always.
black can also be paint which may require a thinners before washing but only on the hands never near the head or face.

working on cars every day its part of it,as far as working at a auto zone or where ever,more than likely not and as far as being oily,it is dirt and fluid that gets there,you will not really see oil in it just black suet,sticks together,you can buy a drug test screen yourself,

grease can pack under your nails if you don,t get it out right away. maybe the car he was changing the battery in was all dirty with grease. not all engines are clean like a brand new engine.

If it smell like motor oil or rubber then it’s not heroin. If he is on heroin then I think you can smell it in his hair.

never know…but to find out for sure you could buy a simple drug test kit at most pharmacy stores, like meijer and wal mart or so on good luck

Well he is left handed. Some of the stuff can have carbon, and it is dry. So?

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