Are all Mormons bad? Where can i find Mormons?

These mormons came to my door when i was in a bad mood they looked in my window and saw me. They were kids like me i couldn’t tell how old they were but they wouldn’t leave. 10 minutes later i tell them to get off my property.(straight up not yelling or mean normal voice) then i close my door and turn to go…

With all due respect, are you nuts? Mormons don’t kill Christians! HOW DARE YOU! Members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints are Christians. Why would they persecute themselves?

The missionaries you allegedly saw were basically kids. Young men are typically only 19 when they are called on a mission. They serve God for 2 years at their own expense. Young women are 21. They serve for 18 months.

I highly doubt you were truthful when you said the elder destroyed your mom’s candle holder or beating anyone or leaving. These two are companions and stay together and leave the other one.

Everything you say makes you sound like a nansty troll and I don’t believe ANYTHING you are saying.

Your question is highly suspect. It is highly unlikely that 2 Mormons who are faithfull enough to serve a mission would vandalize your property. Mormon missionaries are the cream of the crop. To find 2 bad apples serving together is near impossible. If this did happen and the mission president found out, the boys would likely be sent home.

There are high standards for missionaries who are called to serve. For example, if a young man was involved in any sexual activity with the opposite sex during his teen years, he is automatically disqualified. Missionaries are called by the quorum of the 12 apostles and represent the apostles in taking the gospel to the world. This is a sacred call.

Mormons do not kill nor are they hostile to other Christians. If anything, many mainstream Christians are hostile to Mormons.

You know, I am not even a mainstream Mormon. In other words I believe in the 19th century doctrines ( all of them ) that were taught by the Prophet Joseph Smith.

The mainstream Mormons of today are not associated with “fundamentalist Mormons” like myself and excommunicate us whenever they find us.

That said;

I don’t even believe you are telling the truth about those missionaries with whom you claim to have had this experience.

I am NOT a huge fan of the corporate LDS at all, but I DO NOT for a second believe that what you say actually happened; and IF it did, that was an isolated incident.

@George Harrison: The FLDS is not the only fundamentalist Mormon group out there. There are other groups too and they all have their own beliefs. Nearly all fundamentalist- Mormons believe to even attempt to wed someone who is not a full-grown consenting adult is a grievous crime against God and mankind.

If you saw me walking down the street with my family you’d never know we are fundamnetalists. We look like most do, act better than most do, dress well ( and modern.) I love movies and music. I love Techno and Classical mixed together. I love classic rock and modern rock too! I also love Weezer and the Ramones, etc. Yes, George you’d never know we are fundamentalists to look at us.

In my experience, Mormons are the freindliest christians on the planet…I will admit, that I’ve never met any of the hardcore, Utah-polygamist, cultish ones though. I think most mainstream Mormons would have a real problem with that type of behavior however.

@Iranian: Just so you’re aware, Islamic logic baffles the rest of the world. So yeah, chew on that for a minute. That, and Iran is kinda on everybody’s sh*t-list right now….you pick one hell of a time to come back man lol

I’m sorry, but your story sounds like a complete fabrication to dis on Mormons.

I know many Mormons, and they are among the friendliest and most respectful people I’ve met. I’ve also encountered many Mormon missionaries, and they ALWAYS respect a polite “thanks, but no thanks.”

And to suggest that Mormons persecute or even kill Christians is ludicrous! From what I’ve seen they are actually doing everything they can to be recognized as Christians themselves.

It would seem that the only thing “messed up” here, is you.

What you had to do was to call their president and report to him what they did and I’m pretty sure that does missionaries would have gotten expel from the Church. Not every missionary is bad, my whole life I have meet really nice missionaries and there is always some bad apples. Don’t hate all mormons for that, for your information mormons are christians too and we don’t persecute anybody or kill anybody.

It is not a Mormon that gave you AIDS.

So the obvious question is why are you mad at Mormons, to the point that you would go online and lie about Mormons???

Is this going to help you, by you trying to hurt other people who in fact never did anything against you, and if you think that they did, it is a pure delusion on your part???

Just because two mormons destroyed your property does not mean every Mormon should pay. Call the police and report it don’t go terrorising other Mormons and get sent to jail. Just because a few people of a religion wronged you it does not mean you should hurt them all.

No, all Mormons are not bad. You can find them everywhere.

You are a troll and a liar. You could at least try to make your story believable!

Checkout Truthwarrior1000 on youtube. He’s a exmormon who pretty much exposes mormons for what they really are. Checkout the mormon comments too.

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