Are subaru outback good cars?

Drive train and the whole car

yes they are

Yes, they are good cars. But they are not great at any thing.
The boxer engine is difficult to work on. But Subaru cars seldom have engine problems. There are a few troubled years, but over all seldom any problems until about 300000 miles.

Nope, just a fad car for some folks. High oil consumption issues on the newer models. Best cars to own are the most mass produced cars. Cheap to maintain and people know how to work in them.

Good Luck!

They’re a solid car, ugly, but reliable, well made, and decently powerful.

AWD is great come winter time, keep you from getting stuck.

Are you looking to purchase one?

You probably wont be disappointed

The flat opposed cylinder engines better known as pan-cake motors are miserable to work on.

Mine was a workhorse and did well in snow. I thought it was a great little car.

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