B&A Writers: Are you better at planning your novel/short story/novella, or actually writing it? Plus BQ’s.?

I’m just wondering. I’m awesome (not to brag or anything) at coming up with ideas, but I can’t write for my life. Are you a real “writer” if all you can do is plan? I could come up with an original, fantasy story plot (again, not to brag,) in probably a month. It wouldn’t be very…

I’m actually writing it. I think I’m in my 3rd year writing it, and it took me more than a month to come up with the storyline.

BQ: You know, the only thing that comes to mind is ghost writers. But even then…just no…I don’t.

BQ2: I love fantasy. And I’m a sucker for romance.

BQ3: I think she would choose B. She’s already been in a great amount of pain beforehand. I think she would prefer being painlessly killed.

I’m great at coming up with the ideas. I’ve been working on Notes and Outlines for my Eight book series since I was 13, I’m 15 now, but I write short stories to keep the pen of my mind sharp enough to be able to write the series when the time comes this coming year, lol! =)

1) No, but my friends and I do that if we have an idea that we think the other could write well and vice versa

2) FANTASY! Weather it be realistic Fantasy or high Fantasy I love Fantasy and nothing else!

3) This is a hard question for my character, because it depends how old he is at the time, but I’d say A! =)

Good Luck!

Probably writing.
When I come up with ideas, they’re usually pretty skeletal. I tend to develop my plot as I write; letting my characters shape and mold the story how they see fit.

BQ: Do you know of a job where you can just come up with ideas, and other people write them or make them come to life?
Uh… I know a job that does the opposite?

BQ2: What is your favorite genre to plan and/or write?
I’ve actually kept things pretty different.
My first novel was a thriller, my second novel was … well. I guess you could call it fantasy, but it had a lot of realism thrown in. My third novel was realism and thriller, and the novel I’m writing now is completely, totally, truly fantasy.

BQ3: If your main character could choose one or the other, which would they choose:
A.) Be brutally beaten so hard that they would be paralyzed for the rest of their life, but they would live through it.
B.) They would painlessly be killed, but they could never, ever come back under no circumstance.
She’d probably choose to be painlessly killed.
Oh wait, she hasn’t met Axel yet. Ah… Hm. She says her opinions might change after she meets him. And yes, I do talk to my characters. And yes, I’m completely sane.

I could come up with an original, fantasy/horror/comedy/romantic story plot (not to brag) in about four days lol ehem anyways i sort of have the same problem as you. I’m awesome with ideas but writing can take me a while…not a year lol but maybe a month to get myself to start the story. Then when i start i can keep on going for a while, eventually i’ll stop, leave the story, and come back to it maybe a year later and say “ohhhh hey i remember this! I have to work on it now”! From there it repeats lol. So i’m better at planning.
BQ: umm not really…but maybe two people who are writing a book together? One gives the ideas and the other writes.
BQ2: Horror/Comedy definitely
BQ3: B. He has had a rough life, and he would never want to live after being humiliated like that, so he wouldn’t mind a painless death.

I’d call myself awesome at idea-thinking as well and I don’t usually have a problem writing the story — at least until I start getting bored. Once I feel as if the point is gone, I stop, and that’s really a problem. I’m so-so at planning. I do rough, 5-page outlines and try my best to push myself. My computer is cluttered with unfinished first chapters!

A friend of mine is writing also. Her problem is that she writes extremely long outlines until she gets bored. Her last outline was over 20 hand-written pages and she hadn’t written the first sentence of the first chapter. I so badly want to know if she can write well. I think she’s just afraid of that next big step which is the actual writing. I’m afraid of the commitment to the story, I suppose.

I say I pretty good at both as long as I don’t lose my spark. I get bored pretty easily.

BQ: Ghost-writing. You pay someone to write your book exactly as you want it. I don’t want to do that though. I WILL finish a novel one day!
BQ2: Mystery/Thriller/Adventure stuff is favorite. Kind of matches my need for excitement. I like fantasy too but nothing too wild.
BQ3: I have two main characters who are basically the same person. Think alter egos. The real main character would choose B and her alter ego would choose A.

In the beginning, I was all about the ideas. I barely wrote at all, just made up the stories in my head. In sixth grade, there was one idea that I came up with, that I was unbelievably passionate about (still am), and just *had* to write it down. It was awful. I wish I still had the writing, but unfortunately I was too embarrassed by it to keep it. I’m not bragging, but I’ve definitely improved since then. I’m not great or anything, but I’m not as bad as I once was. I feel like I’m almost as good at writing it as I am with the ideas.

BQ: James Patterson does that. He takes most of the credit, too.
BQ2: I’m not sure if the genre I write in is actually a genre at all. I just know it’s fiction XD
BQ3: Probably A. My main character is terrified of death.

I’m the same as you. I can come up with amazing ideas, but I have a hard time writing. I have at least 10 really, really solid ideas, but I can’t put them onto paper.

BQ: I’ve heard of certain things, but I don’t know enough about it to really say anything for it.

BQ2: Fantasy (grounded in reality), a bit of Science Fiction, some Horror… Never romance, really (I’m more into creating other relationships).

BQ3: It depends upon which one. I think more would choose B, but certainly some would choose A.

Honestly, I’m better at planning something. Thinking of ideas and all. But writing… as much as i love writing and I can be quick, it just takes me a while to actually do it. Mostly it’s due to various things, such as working a lot, never any time, or just plain tired/pain. It’s hard for me to actually sit down for hours on end and write something, even if I feel so motivated and have this awesome idea I have to write down. It takes longer for me.

BQ: I guess just a ghost writer. Or like a movie director or something? The one who tells the script writers what he/she wants in the movie and they write it. Yeah, that person.

BQ2: Fantasy. It’s fun. 🙂

BQ3: Possibly B.

Oh, in my head it’s absolutely perfect…It’s the next best thing. But on paper, it’s just a mess.

BQ: I guess it’s the opposite of a ghostwriter…

BQ2: Mystery. I love reading fantasy, but I can’t come up with something original to save my life. Mystery, on the other hand is exciting and fun.

BQ3: Painlessly be killed. She’s come close to death before and she knows that ending it once and for all would be much easier.

I NEVER plan my stories. In fact, in language arts class, I write my essays first then write my double-bubble maps and things like that afterwards just because I have to. My teacher caught me doing this and asked me why. I told her it was because I never plan a story, I just write and I hate going “off what I planned”. I don’t have to worry about that if I don’t even plan it!

1. I’ve heard of things like selling your ideas, like when Kramer gave up his stories to Elaine’s boss on Seinfeld…
2. Horror!!!!! I get to choose who lives! Wait now I sound a little freaky…
3. A because I have two main characters and I chose one. He is so close to the other one that even the thought of losing her would be worse than A and B combined.

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