Do u like ur teachers….?

My teachers are mean i hate them….

star if u hate ur teacher

hell no. i do shitty cuz of my teachers.

My teachers are all ok this year. ‘Cept my Spanish teacher and I aren’t friends. But I knew that was inevitable ( I really believe all foreign language teachers are out to get me)

1st grade: meh, kind of ‘oh i’m better then you all’, even though I was writing a legitamate book at the time and she is working a 1st grade teacher job
2nd grade: HALLELUIJAH
3rd grade: HALLELUIJAH
4th grade: multiply kindergarten by X100000000000000000000000000000000
skipped 5-6 grade
Algebra teacher: cool-as-hell

umm, my teachers are okay this year except for my Algebra 2 teacher.
he’s super weird. =0

& my last year World History teacher was bipolar!!

My English teacher is amazing..but the rest are alright I guess.


my 7th grade math teacher was awesome

we got to shoot bottle rockets and it somehow related to some linear equation of a graph lol…

he was really sarcastic and funny and let us do anything

im in 9th grade now 🙁

i hate all my teachers i wish they could of f u c k i n die they hate me cuz im arab 🙁 but if u were my teacher i would like that cuz ur so cute 🙂

I lucked out and got pretty good teachers this year…so far.

I hate my teachers.
They are the biggest losers, I always get in trouble for talking :/
Ohwell, just because they have no friends 😛

yeah, except my math teacher. I hate her.

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