Do you agree with my thoughts on illegal immigration?

Here are 6 reasons why I’m against illegal immigration in to the United States.
1.It’s illegal.How can any responsible citizen support something that has the word illegal in it?
2.Illegal immigrants are responsible for more crime then native born Americans.
3.Some of the illegal immigrants are members of…

I believe you have the majority of us right along with you on this one, you did a superb job on this and I totally agree with you and many others on here. Thanks for saying it, your 100% correct.

1. True
2. Not true, Native born Americans still commit more crimes, not saying illegals don’t some do.
3. A few are and they are the ones smuggling drugs, etc.
4. Some do some don’t, but the main heads are always for the Hispanic community, The white Majority will become the minority because they are not breeding as much as Hispanics.
5. Again some do some don’t. Some do want to be part of this nation, just couldn’t do it the legal way. Again I’m not supporting this, in fact, I’m quite against it.
6. Invasion would be a ton of people coming in with the intent to kill, rob, etc. You name it (basically war). It’s illegal immigration, simple as that.

I’ll play devils advocate, if you dont mind

1. Many people feel that illegal immigrants are a big part of our backbone. They do what no one else wants to do (janitor, yardwork, etc). Also, the statue of liberty says “Give me your tired, your hungry masses”. Basically, we can not refuse anyone

2. Actually, I believe they are not. Get me some facts (not from FOX News to prove me wrong)

3. Some are, yes, but thats just as logical as saying “Some native born Americans are rapists”. They’re both true statements, but your third point means absolutely nothing.

4. That is a good point as to why some people may be supporting it, but the United States was based on giving every body a shot at being leader. Not discriminating any at all.

5. That I can not disagree on. They only want the jobs and the money. They abuse the right to be in America

6. Would you call the Potato famine in Ireland an Invasion of Irish immigrants?

It is just wording, but remember. We are Americans. Our country was based on immigration. If we could force them to go through the proper procedures, then yes, a thousand times yes, we should do it.

But the fact you called it illegal is basically all that is needed. It is illegal and they are not allowed here.

Most Americans are from immigrants. There are limits on the number of people allowed to enter for a reason (to keep America American not multilingual) I cannot tell you how many times I have had to struggle when people in the service industry who are not fluent in English. Americans are tired of not being able to get the least little thing accomplished because we have to struggle with the language barrier of a non fluent person trying to help us. We need to not accommodate other languages go to a different country and see how they accommodate you there. It has become a problem with law enforcement and the ability for us to prosecute. The law is not an easy thing to understand but most of us understand what we should and should not be doing and do not get ourselves in that kind of strap. If you want to come here wait in line and learn to speak the language. Make the illegals legal? Have you lost your mind? That is how we wound up with this round of illegals. Do what we are doing in my state capture them and tell them they are being deported and that they can take there American born children back with them to their country or they can make arrangements for them to stay in the states with someone who is legal. Just because your children are citizens does not give you the right to be here illegally. If illegals lost all right to be a United States citizen once they were caught and deported the rest would leave on there own. Hey, let’s put a bounty on them like $100.00 for every one you turn in to the INS that is deported. Now that would be giving something back to the American society. We need our country back!!!!! Thumbs down, I thought that illegals couldn’t vote.

I kind of stopped reading when I got to question 2 when you mention “native born Americans”. What is your background? Were members of your family from other countries?
The ones on my mothers side are “Native Americans”, my people were here before all of you. You have no reason to complain.

1. yes 2. no 3. no 4. no 5. yes 6. no

yeah not a good argument man. I don’t care personal if someone wants to come here and work to support his family back in his home country. But if you want to be here, then be here. If you want to work here to it legally. Pay taxes, get your green card (or become a citizen). Also became one with were you are going to. I make the argument all the time. If I want to go and take a job in France, I am going to go through the proper channels so I can live and work there legally. I am also going to learn French so I can function in that society (albeit everyone knows English so they know what the soccer hooligans are saying).

If you want to be an American so badly then come here and be an American, don’t be a Croatian in the middle of New York and proclaim the 1700 block of 48th Ave as Little Croatia (I don’t know if any Croatians live there, I don’t even know if the address exists). This country was founded on immigrants, but, at least at the times, they came over legally. If you look at the number of people who came into Ellis Island over the years. Those people did it right they came in and said “I want to be here” and they became a part of the society. We should have to bend out back to accommodate people who are just here for a paycheck (and omg I will never go to that McDonalds I was at where the menus were all in Spanish with little English subtitles in the middle of Pennsylvania). Just remember this too. When you are in this country illegally, you have no rights. None of all those great things that our ancestors came to America for.

And when I say illegal immigrants I am not talking about just people from Mexico coming over the boarder. I am talking about everyone (Canadian, French, British, Spanish, Chinese, etc) that is in this country

number 2 no one perfect everyone dose crimes and number 3 what u talking about the city i living in i seen gang and they not illegals and 4 and 5 that bullshit , u the kind of people my mom warn my about when i was a child and i can see why… I DONT AGREE WITH YOU!!

and this
from a typical
red neck.

racist much?
if illegal immigrants wouldn’t
be here
your a s s would
be doing s h i t
that no one would want
to do.
so just shut the H E L L up

It is not enough to say that you are against illegal immigration, it is a sad reality for both parties the US and the illegal immigrants ( do you think they like to work their butts off and not have benefits and risk being deported at all time).
It is a reality wether you’re against it or not. What needs to happen is that the US needs to step up and regulate immigration in such a way that the country can filter the people that just want to work hard, get a higher education or better their lives from people that are here to take advantage of the system. I like to see your sources regarding illegal immigrants committing more crimes than “native” born Americans ( you would think that an illegal person would lay low and not do something to compromise their presence here don’t you think?). Also, you can’t blame Mexicans that live here to be proud of their culture and traditions. What law says that if you live in a country you should assimilate to such a point that you loose your cultural identity and traditions. The US of A my friend is a mix of different cultures and that’s the beauty of this country. I do think that bilingualism should definitely be encouraged and that schools should reach out to adult that only speak Spanish and encourage them to learn English. Well, I could talk about this for a very long time but basically I think that nobody should be in favor of illegal immigration as it is illegal (obvious), but there should be laws implemented for people wishing to come to the US and that have valid motives such as the ones that I listed above. Also, I think a lot of your reasons lack credible sources and seem racist to me.
PS: just in case you wondered I disagree with a lot of what you say except number one

I’m against illegal immigration, but not for the reasons you give.
1) Illegal immigration is a civil, not a violent crime. It IS a crime, which is why I am against it. So was drinking alcohol during Prohibition a crime… I wouldn’t have done that, either.
2) Illegal immigrants are not responsible for more crime, unless you’re counting the “crime” of their immigration. They aren’t responsible for more violent or drug crimes–which you can test by looking at our jails and prisons.
3) I don’t think being pro-illegals means one is anti-white… doesn’t that marginalize all the NON-white, legal Americans who are in equal jeopardy from illegal immigration?
4) Being proud of one’s heritage doesn’t mean one isn’t willing to assimilate–in the Hill Country of Texas, where there were a lot of German immigrants, public schools were taught in GERMAN until WW1 made Germany the enemy. Look at big cities, which are likely to have a “China Town” or “Little Italy” neighborhood.
5) And the term “invasion” is catastrophic and fear-mongering.
YES — it is an issue. We need to deal with it. But stretching the truth and letting it make you afraid doesn’t help anyone.

i totally agreed we have to do something. mexico and central america only bring corruption.

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