Do you own a dog?

If no star me.

If yes what type of dog do you own?

a golden retriever mixed with a border collie

A Jack Russel Terrier

yes a Keeshound my 11 year puppy an i still gave you a star

Yes, King Shep

Yes, I have a Golden Retriever.

13 inch beagle.

Yes – a Shih Tzu whom I love very much!

Have a star anyway!

Pomeranian named Jackson aka Jack Jack aka Just Jack (Like Will and Grace) Yes he is going to hate me when he grows up! 🙂

I own a golden ratrever and they are by far the best dogs!

I have a Beagle named Icsis.

Boxer, Border Collie/Sheppard, Min Pin. They are like my kids!

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