Feminists – AntiFeminists – men & women…hear ye, hear ye?

I am contemplating a website – one with an ‘antifeminist’ zone, a ‘feminist’ zone, a men zone, and a women zone… but primarily – a ‘humanist/equalist’ zone. It would consist of an antifeminist Co-Admin and a feminist Co-Admin (for balance)…

Would you look into joining such a site,…

I think any endeavour to combat ignorance is a good one. I think you’ll find that balancing the site will be difficult. Only equalists believe in balance.

There are a lot of young kids who get brainwashed into this stuff and fed ‘stats’ and ‘history’. If you created a site which outlined the pro’s and con’s and beliefs of each side and the neutrals I think it would be a hit. Perhaps it could be marketed to high schools, colleges and universities for gender studies and replace the ‘women’s studies’ one sided, biased crap they offer now.

A very good idea.

It is a great idea mathewassh, it is after all what you have been trying to point out all this time am i not right here? that men and wemon need to work for equality together and not as a group devided that only points at one gender. It has been a long hard struggle to get some to even listen to you on these topics has it not my friend, so dont be surprised when the hard core ones come in to try and under-mind the effort that this site would be focused on. sensorship will end up still being a nessassry evil and in that it would still make those who want to say there peace fill like it can not be heard there right?
Let me put it this way, a fight between a man and a women can lead to violence but who started it ,who escalted it, who is realy the victim and who is realy the villin? in this exsample i am showing that both parties i bet was in the wrong but we dont see that intell it gose to far and in that the agressor is the villin but who realy was the agressor when it first started?

i thank your idea for this site is a great idea because it can teach us what we all need to learn and that is to know when to comme down and to respect one another a bit more. to walk away when things get to be a bit to heated. is this not the problem of today in our relationships?
both genders need to learn to stop attacking one another and pointing fingers and relize that both sides infact do the same crimes to one another.
feminisim focosses on women and anti-feminisim focuses on men, auuuuuuggg we need to come together and focus on the whole, the family, the yin& yang of life. it is not about fighting feminisim or anti-feminisim, it is about comming to gether to relize the need to make laws and socity treat both genders equal .
thus a assult is a assult, sexual harrassment is then sexual harrassment and sex crimes are so to just that and no mater if female or male you are treated the same. i say this because this as of yet is not the case, a women hits a man in the groin and it is just assult yet a man even touches a womens rear it is a sex crime. tell me were is the equality in that. women bash men and it is just how things are and is exscussable but if a man dose it then it is sexaul harrassment. and i can go on.
these things need to be adressed and so much more but in a light that dose not favor one gender or the other. i thank the idea of your site has the ability to do just that.

It’s a great idea, would like to focus on solutions to the problems society has today and have it as a place that we can respect one another.
Julvrug, it’d be a forum with one admin being male and one being female, people who have both sides interests at heart, but insight into their own gender’s movements.

Yes. I once asked why there is no specific “General Gender” Q&A site that that could be used for the non-political cross polinization of ideas and the propogation of social interaction between the sexes.
Most of the sites currently available have a bias or propensity towards either the Left or Right, Male or Female, Radical or Conservative thinking.
What We need is a openminded forum, divorced of any structured agendas or subtle influences.
Sign Me up!

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Sounds like a good site, but have you thought up your marketing plan yet? Remember…free minds lead to free markets. While the premise may sound good and thus the site will get some initial hits, your ability to maintain this site is key.

Just wondering how a site such as this would promote equality? If you have two totally different viewpoints leading it, it would seem that you would actually promote more disputes that agreements, which could actually swing the balance to further imbalance. There are many people who do not fall within the boundaries of feminist or anti-feminist. True equality would be neither.

I’m an equalist so you can count me in.

@Laela – Equalism isn’t about putting men and women into rigid roles. We believe [quote] that men and women are born different but equal, are of equal worth, and are deserving of fair treatment under just laws [/quote]. Note the “equal but different” part.

@Ashleigh – I’ve given you a thumbs up! Have I gone crazy or something?

Great Idea. I like how it is set up for debate so we can learn from each other and to make an environment where it is easier to see the other sides point of view. You can count me in.

I like the “TRUE equality seeking movement.” It most definitely seems interesting. I know I would visit the site.

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