Has this happened to you when studying the Bible with a Jehovah’s Witness?

The JWs agree to have a Bible study with you, then they just want to read their own books not the bible.

I thought a Bible study was, shall we say studying the Bible.. not some book an organization came up with.

Yes. So I got them to agree to come back the following week to discuss sin and salvation – nothing else. When they came back we sat down and I got the Bible out and started to share with them the glorious, good news about saving grace. They never came back!

Trouble is, they’ve been told that people who read the Bible exclusively, either alone or in small groups at home, revert right back to apostate (false) doctrines by virtue of just studying the Bible alone! (Watchtower 15 August 1981). They say it is not possible to understand the Bible without their literature and their interpretation. Heaven forbid that anybody should actually pick up the Bible and just read God’s Word. Let’s get back to the dark ages, prior to the reformation, and stop people from reading the Bible. It’s far too dangerous! Or could this possibly have anything to do with the fact that the Watchtower Society is a multimillion dollar publishing corporation?

P.S. Great testimony from chasingelohim – let’s not forget that Jehovah’s Witnesses are sincere, Bible believing, decent people and Christians should be sharing the true gospel message with them in love.

I’m guessing that they used the Bible Teach Book.. Reading the Bible personally to you doesn’t really give you the info you need towards the beginning of your studies.. Except in the beginning of Genesis. Basically.. A lot of scriptures to me are scrambled up and explain stories, so we have these books that talk about topics a lot of people want information on and have scriptures on those pages that prove what is written in that book is correct. It’s much simpler to understand, and covers much of what you want to know.

So, you ARE studying the Bible, because what your reading in that book is based off of what God’s Word says.. Just in a simpler, more organized way, but with scriptures for assurance.

*SIGH*……don’t you and your Anti-JW cult hate group members (Kip, isnr, UL, Big Guy, etc….) have anything better to do than to ask lying “questions” about Jehovah’s Witnesses? I mean, come on….

Jehovah’s Witnesses study THE BIBLE with people, with the use of the Bible study aid “What Does the Bible Really Teach?”. We do NOT simply read out of the book by itself but make full use of the Bible in the process of studying. After all, every section and chapter of the book is crammed full of Biblical support for what it’s saying, an when a paragraph in a study lesson is read, so are the appropriate Bible scriptures that help the Bible student see where the source of the information is really from.

(Only an idiot with the IQ of pig feces would label Jehovah’s Witnesses a “cult”.)

I have not had that problem. My friend who is a Jehovah’s Witness and with whom I studied was never reluctant to go to the bible – even when the questions I had were beyond his ability (and the ability of his literature) to answer.

It’s true, we followed the literature – but whenever I had a verse from the bible related to what we were discussing, we would go to the bible.

It’s also true that the Jehovah’s Witness studies – like most bible studies – are well-structured and follow a specific program. They don’t want to have a bible study where *YOU* lead the study. They’re there to study the bible according to a predetermined “course of study” so to speak. SO, it’s not, “let’s study some random passage from the bible” or “let’s study this book of the bible this week, but maybe next week we’ll change our minds and study something else that happens to catch our interest”. Study without a clearly defined goal often – though not always! – ends in confusion.

I think you will find – I did – that their books that they study with you refer to the bible frequently. They certainly do not study the entire bible through, though, if that is what you were expecting. Nor do they normally study any particular book through (though they do with Revelation). They follow topical bible studies – which is not at all unique to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com

Of course! It happens to anyone who agrees to have a “Bible” study with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. You read the Watchtower publication, and consult the Bible occasionally for verses taken out of context to support their doctrine.

This website has some pointers on using the Watchtower publications to effectively witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses:

Not only do JWs use the WT publications to indoctrinate eager followers …they may even use other copies of the bible on occasion but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they twist the scriptures to fit their man made doctrine.

I was raised learning nothing BUT their teachings and I found it very difficult to believe that GOD wanted to kill everyone in the world unless they became Jehovah’s Witnesses…a group started by a man in the late 1800s!

The cult will deni they do this…. but no they never really do have a Bible study. They just pull out their publications and occasionally look to the Bible. When they do look to the Bible its usually a verse here and a verse there but its never a in depth study of the word.

I have never met a single Jw who has ever done an in depth study of the Bible without a cult publication. I have never met a single Jw who can defend their beliefs without a cult publication. I have never met a single Jw who can debate theology without a cult publication. Every thing they know they get from the Watchtower and they can’t think without it!

God Bless!

I sat down to a Bible study with some JW. I myself am pentecostal.
We studied for a good hour. They listened to me, allowed me to look up passages in my KJV and Amplified Bibles, my Thompson Chain Bible and my Strong’s concordance. They answered all of my questions with grace. I had an ongoing “door ministry” with them for several years. They were always polite. They always listened to my beliefs. Never once did I feel that they thought they were better than me. When I had surgery and was laid up for 6 months I received more help from that one Jehovah Witness than from my whole church family.

Just let me add, I am not now Jehovah Witness nor have I ever attended one of their services.

Your right. A proper bible study should have a few different translation bibles so as to have a more open dialect among the group. By only using one bible is closing your mind to other possible meanings of the scriptures and the truth of the word.

Your first problem is that you agreed to do a Bible study with cult members.
Your second problem is that the “Bible” that JWs use, is not the Bible that true Christians use. Theirs has been altered to reflect their doctrinal beliefs. That’s why theirs has had numerous “updates”, because their doctrine has changed over time and their Bible has to change to reflect it.

Get yourself into a Bible believing church and join a real Bible study.

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