How come Ronald Reagan was never impeached for his involvement in the Iran Contra affair?

The man was involved in a highly illegal activity. He and his administration intentionally went against the wishes of Congress and conspired to illegally supply arms to terrorists trying to overthrow a democratically elected government in Nicaragua. How on earth did he and his administration get away with it?

…While Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress about his extramarital affairs – which threatened nobody. It was a conservative vendetta, probably revenge for Watergate and the Oliver North/Clarance Thomas hearings. It is no coincidence that G. Gordon Liddy and Ollie North got their own A.M. radio shows.

Was Ronald Reagan Impeached

Two reasons.

1. Reagan got elected for his second term with the biggest plurality of any returning president (I think). I have never seen a president get such a free ride from the media. Even to this day they are very reticent to say anything bad about him.

2. Reagan’s presidential style was to lean heavily on ‘the doctrine of plausible denial’. Meaning he gave his staff vague directions and then went and took a nap, and had no idea what they were doing. Until the end of his second term, when he dropped precipitously from public view, Reagan swore he had no idea that Oliver North had used the money from the weapons sold to Iran to fund an illegal war in Nicaragua. He didn’t criticize North, though. When questioned on the Iran/Contra affair, Reagan pretended to be senile, he pretended he didn’t remember a thing from the last 8 years.

Republicans believe in Law and Order, but they only believe laws apply to ‘liberals’, not to them. Reagan’s two terms were peppered with more major scandals than any president in at least a century, maybe ever. More people were forced to resign from Reagan’s admin. under a cloud of investigation or indictment than any other president in history. But the Democrats knew impeaching him would only be a ‘political circus’, because they couldn’t get the supermajority needed in the Senate to kick him out. The Republicans made the other choice with Clinton, and it turned out to be the wrong choice, hugely enhancing Clinton’s popularity.

And the proof of his involvement is where?

There has to be evidence of his complicity and direct involvement in order to have impeached him.

No such evidence or proof has ever been found.

Your less-than-factual description of Nicaragua only pegs you as not being grounded in reality.

They may have been elected in 1984, but it was prior to that where the issue started, because they were the revolutionary government without consent of the people. The election only came about because of pressure from other countries.

The Contras were not terrorists, as you claim.

And you forgot the 8 years of Sandinista-declared “state of emergency” where free speech, free press, the right to assemble, habeas corpus, etc, were curtailed or canceled. These essentially prevented a truly fair election campaign from the opposition.

How come people are still so uninformed regarding the Iran–Contra affair after all these years? How on earth do you get away with it? Without feeling embarrassed, that is.

For the same reason that FDR was never impeached for his turning a blind eye towards the impending pearl harbor attack in his fervor to get an overwhelmingly pacifist nation weary of the tragic and useless loss of life of the first world war on board with entering the war or any other of the numerous extra constitutional actions taken by him. Being president means never having to face justice.

How come Bill Clinton WAS impeached and Democrats still think he’s some kind of a god?

Why do Democrats think the will of the majority of the House is not relevant when the majority is Republican?

Because it was the most brilliant foreign policy move of all-time!

Far left-wing Congress shamelessly stopped funding the freedom fighters in Nicaragua. Reagan figured out a way to help them overthrow the Communist thug rulers while simultaneously keeping two of our enemies (Iran, Iraq) killing each other for 8 solid years!

It was the greatest move since Stonewall Jackson outflanked the Yankees at Chancellorsville!

It came at the very end of his 8-year term….and the “facts” still haven’t come out…

…as I notice you present nothing in the way of substantive back-up…

How? Cuz they don’t ask people like you are me. They trample our rights.

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