How long in your opinion should a couple wait to have children after marriage?

That entirely depends on the individual couple. My husband and I had our first son just over a year after we were married. We were both keen to start a family, and had no reason to wait. However, if there is some reason why you want to wait for a few years, like because you’re still at college, or want to save money, or get established in a career, or travel round the world,or go out partying all night, or something, then wait. There is no doubt that children will be inhibiting factors in doing any of those things.

This is a question only you two can answer.

You can never wait to afford a child or no one would have children.

However, there are a few financial things you should make sure of before hand and some not so financial.

1. Do you have good health insurance?
2. Do you both have good jobs and can you take at least 6 weeks for maternity leave?
3. Do you have family close by as a support group to assist you with child care? If not, talk to some friends and co-workers and check out the local day cares to see what it would be like for your precious baby.
4. If you can stay at home..that is even better. If you can then find other new moms to hang out with and get a support group so your not just talking to your baby. Being a new mom can be very stressful so it helps you during your postpartum phase.

I know this may all sound silly but believe me it will help you in more ways then you can imagine.

When you do make up your mind to have a baby….and you see your precious gift…it’s like nothing you could have ever imagined. Good luck.

Enough time to enjoy your spouse when it is just them alone!:) I think 2-5yrs is good. Remember, children bring stress to the relationship…no matter what anyone says. Kids are awsome and I have some of my own, but if you and your spouse don’t have a strong ground built in the relationship, the relationship will only get tougher when the kids come into the picture! Wife and I waited 4yrs after marriage and no regrets

5 years

It depends on how old and mature they both are. If they are in their 30s they should start as soon as they know that they are solid, on the same page and going to make it.

If they are in their 20s then they should take their time and not even put a date on it. There should be no rush at all.

It depends how ready you are for kids.. financially & emotionally. My husband and I married young & tried for kids right away. We tried for 6 months & nothing happened so I realized it wasn’t the time. I decided to go back to school & years later I have my degree & two wonderful kids.

Until they are good and ready. There is not set “good” time. Some are ready right away. Some are never ready.

My husband and I fall into the never category.

I don’t think you have to wait. Pregnancy probably will start after you make out or something. After nine months, a child will born.

my parents and alot of my family members have had kids within the year, i think you should wait at least a year or untill you feel you r ready

2 -4 years enjoy yur life and get to know eachother well… if you think you are ready for it then go a head

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