How old should a child be before he/she owns a cell phone?

First off, I’m not there yet – children aren’t in primary school yet. Just curious what public opinion is currently on what age folks feel right with giving a cell phone to a child.

No set age, depending on your childs maturity level responsibility level and what activities. If they are staying some where by themselves, they need a phone. cell or house phone. I would suggest having a company where you can strictly monitor calls, texts, and usage to start. Kids will be kids and run your bills sky high if u let them!

This is coming from s seventeen year old who actually agrees with her parents- what a shock! haha.
I got my first cell phone at 13, because in my jr. high school we had ski club where on Thursday nights from 4-9pm we would go to a close by ski-resort and be allowed to go and ski on whatever trails we wanted to. Obviously, a cell phone was good. I got a concussion, and actually had my teachers numbers, as well as my parents work/ cell numbers that at that age I didn’t have memorized.
I would say about the time they start junior high is a good time, BUT only if they are responsible/in activities where they need to be on their own. And while they are in junior high, do not allow texting on their cell phone plans. Get a simple phone that makes calls. Junior high kids, girls mainly, use texting for evils a lot of times. A lot of catty, rude stuff goes across the internet, well texting is even worse.
But by high school you should be able to get them the cool phones with the keyboards and all of that if they don’t do what my sibling did and break 3 phones in less than a year.

It overall depends on the kid. And do not just assume your kid is going to be perfect, like be honest with yourself in that respect.

Well the age might be earlier when your kids are older but right now i would say 7th grade or when they start playing sports or after school activities where they will be alone and need to call you to pick them up or something. I babysat for a girl in 3rd grade (8 or 9 years old) with a cell phone and was disgusted- she doesn’t need it! Also, she just sat around texting on it instead of socializing with her friends! Thus, I would say middle school (5-8) at the earliest.

When they can drive a car. 16 or in some countries,18. It’s like parents who buy their 16 year olds brand new sports cars. The 16yr old does not need and couldn’t possibly be working to afford the car and besides a child has the rest of his or her life to be saddled with the BS and drama of jobs, cars, insurance, fuel, bills and the like. Too much responsibility too early can have truly tragic results.


It all depends on you. You decide to get your child a cell phone according to your family’s situation and demands. You decide why your child needs to have a cell phone at age eight or why you think he/she needs to wait until later.

when the child needs it which is usually when they start middle school (6th grade) some kids also get them to fit in. it really doesnt cost that much money if you get them a plain talk and text cell phone.

Depends. If the child is walking home from school alone I think one of the programmed 3 button phones is ok. Three numbers only can be entered in it, 911, home and emergency contact like mom or dads work or cell numbers.
Maybe if parents gave those to their kids a lot of kidnappings couldve been prevented.

I think 12 years old. At age 12 kids go by friends houses, after school activities, walking from the bus stop home, anything. And in case of emergency’s theyll really need it at that age. And, when they are not home with you, you can always feel a little better knowing that you can call/text him at any time.
I think 12 is perfect 🙂 also starting middle school around that age!

I plan on giving my son a pre-paid type, only-makes-phone-calls, no-frills phone when he starts 1st grade and will be away from us and home for a significant portion of the day. The idea here is that he will have it available to call us or other trusted adults in case of an emergency, not to be used with any sort of regularity.

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