How to get a perfect recall from my dog?

Hi, ive got a bullmastiff that is the perfect dog 99% of the time. His recall is good but being an independant dog he chooses wether or not to do what i say. The big problem is other dogs. If we are walking of leash. Which we do for most of our walking. He will walk right beside me. But sometimes when he sees…

Bull mastiff’s weren’t originally bred to work alongside humans, however they are a wonderfully intelligent breed 🙂 I would use a light, long training leash, this way the dog will get the impression that he is off leash and free but actually you still have complete control over him.
I guess you would only be blamed if he started the fight, but then yeah you probably would in the end because of mastiffs being bred as fighters and they are big dogs, any other breed would stand little chance against it. So defiantly make sure you have complete control.
Food based rewards is a great way to get your dog back, but the most important thing is to stay positive, even if your in a muddy field, it’s starting to rain and you look like a total idiot shouting to your uncontrollable dog across the field (trust me I’ve been there 😉 ) when he eventually comes back to you praise him and dare to let him go again… Think of it from his view: I’m having a great time running around with other dogs in the rain, and getting covered in mud and just having fun, and then theres some angry looking person shouting at me in the corner of the field, am I gonna want to stay having fun or go over there? If I do decide to go over there and he gives me a treat, praises me and lets me go again or starts a game then that sounds fun, but if I go over there and he shouts at me angrily and puts my leash and we go home, next time I’m defiantly not going over to him 😉
Thats probably how they think, or at least thats how I’ve always thought of it and it’s always seemed to work for me. Also one lat option it’s never too late to join up with a local class, if he’s friendly anyway he’ll be learning some new tricks and recall with other dogs and distractions around him.
If he’s not keen on food or physical praise, then just spend some time at home figuring out what motivates him and what he really enjoys, in our kennel at home there are lots of dogs with lots of different personality’s but there is always something, maybe go into a pet store and take him with you and go to the toy section and play with a couple of toys with him (as long as he doesn’t demolish them) see which ones he likes most and try that. It might sound crazy but some dogs thrive on learning (bit like how nerds thrive on books 😉 ), my border collie loves performing her tricks because it gives her some mental stimulation when she comes back to me I order her to do a trick the more complex the trick the more she enjoys it, when I walk her 25% of them time shes running and the rest she’s circling me waiting for her to tell her to do something so she enjoys staying near me.
hope I helped 🙂

There has to be something that will get his attention. You may need to go back to the beginning & retrain the recall indoors without distractions. Find a reward (which could be to be released) & use a new come word.
Or don’t let him off leash until you are 100 5 positive he will come.

You need a heck of a lot more help than you can get here. You need to learn how to train effectively, and if you learn how, your dog will come when called, every time, and pay attention to you, but until you do this dog will be a constant problem.
Find a good obedience instructor and take some lessons. Until you can find one here is a good training site on the web. You have to be consistent and fair;


He is not trained enough to do off leash work, especially if you can’t recall him. Make sure he is 100% on leash before you allow him off leash.

have you tried the lunge rope yet?

Keep him on leash when off your property. You don’t have the control you think you have.

Perseverance, patience and a high value treat (I find dried sausage works wonders!!)
use the heel command and just keep at it!

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