I need help to stop aggressive puppy biting!?

I have an 11 week old newfoundland puppy and I have been extremely impressed with her in so many ways like potty training, listening to basic commands (sit, come, stay), sleeping through the night, and her overall demeanor. She really is an amazing little puppy.
Every so often when she is calm and laying down…

First, all puppies bite. It isn’t aggression, it’s how they communicate and explore. Two things I teach my Newfoundlands is ‘soft bite’ and ‘no bite’.

Newfoundlands have a propensity for mouthing, they instinctively use their mouths to rescue people, so it’s important to teach soft bite (also called soft mouth), as well as no bite. You increase your chances of your dog doing minimal damage if she were ever to bite someone, too.

You won’t be able to stop it before you start puppy classes, but you can get a head start.
When I train, I am proactive. I don’t wait for the puppy to start mouthing, I create a situation in which the puppy starts mouthing so I can train. Puppies learn from repetition, so practice, practice, practice

To teach soft bite, sit down on the floor with your pup and play with her, using your hands. Let her take your hands into her mouth, the second she bites down hard, remove your hand and say ‘ouch’ in a firm voice. Don’t yell or squeal, as this can heighten your dogs impulsive tendencies and reduces the environment for teaching/learning.
Your pup will eventually learn that a hard bite stops the play, it’s at this point, you teach an even softer bite. You will remove your hand when you feel pressure and say ouch. Practice soft bite several times a day in a controlled situation (it could take a week or two, and even longer, but she sounds like a smart Newfie). Reinforce that soft bite behavior by praising her with a ‘good girl,

Teaching no bite: I use a soft chew toy to redirect the biting – I pull my hand away and say NO BITE, again in a firm voice – no yelling as you don’t want the biting to escalate, she may also act impulsively and return to rough biting again. Once the pup grabs the toy to chew on, I praise with a ‘good girl’
and give a treat and the process starts all over again.

Since puppies don’t know right from wrong, and they are only doing what comes naturally for them, it’s up to us to teach them what is acceptable behavior. Newfies work wonderfully for treats and praise, and they love to learn.

When the situation you mentioned comes up, have those soft toys handy to redirect the biting – this is an impulsive situation in which she is brain-dead, it isn’t conducive to teaching/learning.

BTW, my two year old puppy still does impulsive biting, but NOW he does something I call ‘air bites’, lol. He goes for my hands like he is going to grab them, and puts his mouth in the area of my hands, but doesn’t even touch them. Something clicks in him (I like to think it’s because of the training) and he stops altogether. Sure sign of growing up, anyway.

You would be wise to start teaching your puppy ‘take, hold, & give’ too, since she like to use her mouth. ‘Leave it’ is one of the most important things you can teach your Newfie. Enjoy her puppyhood, teach her everything imaginable, their minds are like sponges, they soak everything up.


First of all its a puppy this is the most important start to trian a dog. And don’t hit the puppy on the nose thats bad dogs need there nose. Also keep doing walks but make the puppy run also it needs a chewing toy that the puppy likes. Tell the puppy no in a way that the puppy knows your not playing. Also don’t smile don’t gigel. Most important don’t walk away look at puppy in the eyes don’t look away in till the puppy does. It shows your the boss not him.

Give it a tap on the butt or put it in timeout like in a dark room or its kennel and get it some chew toys. My dog used to bite and we did those things and now she doesn’t bite at all but you always have to have a chew toy or something they can bite because you can’t just let them not bite anything.

Yelping could work but one of the most effective things to do is to use your hand on the puppies snout and push its own lips between its teeth. I know it sounds bad but if the dug is biting itself just as hard as it is biting you EVERY TIME she bites, the bites will not be as hard (after all she is only playing) if it doesn’t stop all together.
Good luck 🙂

Can it jump on the couch yet? If not tell it no and put it on the floor where it cant get to you. Im guessing its just puppy energy/anxiety.

Pop it in the nose and tell it no then put it in the foor lol. Dont give it a toy to reward it.

Anytime she bites you make a loud yelping sound, like a dog would make if it’s litter mate bit it. I read this online somewhere a year or so ago, but it helped so much with training my dog. Google about it for more info.

If you want to be boss here is how you show her! Turn her on her back and put your teeth around her neck. This shows her your boss. That is how they do it and it can work for you. I know it sound weird but it works.

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