I want to buy a game console . PS3 or XBox 360?

I want to buy a gaming machine. I’m living in India. Gaming is my passion. But, I can’t afford games that cost too much like xbox 360 and ps3 games. I’d a Ps2 and want to upgrade it. Should I buy a pirated game console to play pirated games or buy a original hardware and mod chip it to play pirated…

Buy a PS3 much better for the quality. PS3 costs 700 in Australia and Xbox’s go for 550. Online Subscription costs like 80 a year and after awhile it turns out that the Xbox is costing more. If you want to save money on games try to get games of ebay. There are ebay sellers that sell games that have been used, just make sure they work and you will be fine. Also I don’t think you can play games online on that are burned. Also trade in your PS2 or sell it on ebay to make a couple of extra dollars.

Please don’t get pirated games!!!! People who steal by piracy are part of the reason why new games cost so much! Besides, it costs a small fortune to develop and release todays games. If they don’t make money at it, they’ll quit doing it. Want cheap games? Play free online games on your computer like the ones at Yahoo games and many many other sites. The graphics aren’t as good but some games are very challenging and they are free or at least very cheap.

Get a real Xbox 360. There are starting to be some fairly cheap, used and legal games available out there for it now. Especially if you like playin sports games. Get the versions of the sports series that are a year or two old and you can get them cheap. I got Madden Football 07 used for $10 at Gamestop recently. No, it’s not Madden 09 but it’s still football and has really good graphics.

The Playstation 3 is perfect. This will be my second one because I need one for the bedroom. I have a phat ps3 and now a new slim. The slim is much smaller and stealthy quiet. So far I like it more and it stays cleaner looking than the phat but i do miss the touch sensitive buttons. I’ve owned a ps3 for 4 years with no problems and i love it. great blu ray, best games, surround sound, full hd, and the free psn. Nothing compairs

well since you want to download or use pirated games u should get a ps3.

this is because the xbox 360 needs a bypass chip to play copied games whereas the ps3 does not need one

this is because when building this nextgen console they kno it wud be extremely difficult for people to buy blu-ray disks and blu-ray rewriters

so find out if anyone near you has hold of a blu-ray rewriter if soo ur in luck.

PS3 =Destroys the xbox with a tap
Live Sucks ***
360 is a noisy bastard
360 Can get the red lights of death
Buy Ps3 When u can afford it

Never buy a pirated game console and pirated games.
Alway buy original manufacturer’s version.
Xbox is more popular as it is from the stable of Microsoft.

PS3. Only bad thing that people can say about it is that it is expensive and doesn’t have great games out currently. It will eventually have the most/ best games… PS Network is better and it is free.

As of now, only the Xbox 360 can be modded… as far as I know. The Playstation 3 is very bootleg-proof.

just save up your money and buy a Playstation 3. i bet the price if it drops by next Christmas. Start saving now and it and the games well have dropped bu then and you get offered it

ps3is good and all that but since the psn is free,its not *** god as xbox 360 online play

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