I was wounderin if i had a real yorkie?

Hes all black wit a small patch of white on his chest ! I was told he was a yorkie… but if anyone knows any info about all black yorkies… let me know

From the Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard: “Color

· Puppies are born with black and tan coloration and possible mixing of the dark hairs in the tan.

· As they mature the dark hairs will be shed, and they should not have any mixing of colors between the body and head colors at maturity.

· The body will be a blue color, that is to be steel blue, not silver-blue and can have no mixing of the tan colors in it.

· The tan color can be darker at the roots and lighter at the tips and towards the center of the dog.

· Again, there should be no dark hairs in the tan colored areas.”

Any solid color or combination of colors other than blue and tan as described above. Any white markings other than a small white spot on the forechest that does not exceed 1 inch at its longest dimension. ”

If you did not get papers and the parents do not have papers from a reputable registry such as the AKC, then chances are your pup is not purebred especially if it’s truly all black and not black and tan. The black changes to the “blue color as the pup matures (usually but not always).

But, whatever your pup is, Im sure you enjoy his company.

A real Yorkshire Terrier would have papers from the breeder you purchased him from.

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