Ideas for special 30th birthday present?

I want to get something really special birthday for my best friends birthday does anyone has any great ideas or website addresses.


Since this is your best friend, I wonder if you could make him a poster or get one of those frames that holds a few pics. Glue on a few photos of good times you shared together, and either on the front or back, write a paragraph about what his friendship means to you!

Why not bring some other mates and have a holiday in the sun if you book soon you could get some cheap flights as well that could be a gift he wont forget. For a rental for a holiday in Spain you could visit if you click on costa blanca and then go into la florida you’ll find a perfect place for a pub crawl weekend or whatever. It’ll be a really great gift cos it’ll be one he won’t forget!!! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A day at Silverstone race track if its a guy,
A day of total pampering if its a girlie.

buy a winning tip online, and bet £100 to win in a local bookies, after it win, bring him or her to the local bookies, check the result with her or him, pretended u find a ticket on the floor, and reveal it with him or her. when u find out it is winning ticket, how exciting that could be? and give it as a present to her or him. um….? how is my creativity? do i deserve 10 points?

I totally recommend Bad Taste Bears!!!

Check out for the variety of bears.

Who wouldnt want one!?!


Is your best friend male or female, need to know this before answering question.

my best friend (and my hubby) took me to tampa and we went gambling
such great fun!!!! you could try it

previously we always took each other to red lobster and pigged out !!!

A new rectal thermometer Fun!

get him some dye to colour his grey hair and a viagra so he can play keep up lol.

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