If God created the universe out of nothing…?

Why couldn’t he build a religion that doesn’t require monetary contributions to create and support it’s churches?

Nothing should be more than enough to create a church, right? So should’t churches be springing up out of the ground without human intervention? It’s a lot smaller than a…

Note: According to those religions, God created the world… not religion. Religion is something people created (through “free will” and all that jazz) to worship God’s creation. So God has no invested interest in religion (ie: it wasn’t his doing), thus the hypocrisy of religion (perceived or real) in no way jeopardizes the concept of “God”.

The Universe wasn’t created out of ‘nothing’, it was created out of energy. Matter is energy, and vice versa.


God never built any church, he didn’t even build his own tent when the Israelites were toting him around the Sinai and the Negev in a shittim-wood box ( personally I would have chosen another kind of wood, or at the very least given it a different name ).

He did, fortumately give some amazingly precise instructions for building stuff for him, like the arc, which was the afore-mentioned box, and the tent and connected accoutrements, which he eventually conned the ‘Children’ into putting their hands in their עופרה’s ( Hebrew pockets ) and shelling out for the materials. Read the relevant sections of Deuteronomy, and find out that YHWH had quite somewhat of the Interior Designer about him, possibly even ‘Intelligent’ !

So, creative design-wise, yes, actually making stuff, not so hot, maybe all that exhausting routine in the first six days just wore him out, creatively speaking.

Is that “buddy Christ” as your avatar?? From the movie Dogma?? That movie did have some funny stuff in it…

God did create the Universe out of nothingness, and all of Existence. But other than that initial act of Creation (and perhaps the destruction and re-creation of the flood, which he afterwards promised would never occur again), He’s not been directly involved in the instantaneous creation of anything; yes, His Hand is involved in every developing embryo, at least in imparting a Soul to that being; yes, he may have even helped guide (or had intentions for the results of) biological evolution…but making something out of nothing was really only done once (in fact, even the flood wasn’t something out of nothing, but re-populating the drying Earth with animals and people saved in the ark)…

so, no, no longer does he create or help create anything out of nothingness; so, no, he’s not going to have churches spontaneously “spring up” out of thin air 🙂


A “Church” isn’t the building, it’s the people.. and no, God doesn’t require money, the church requires it to pay expenses and keep the church building up and what ever else they are supporting.

There are instances where God calls people and touches their heart and they are converted and born again (it doesn’t always take a missionary to spread His word).. but the faiths that are there many times will kill them if they come out publicly and follow Him as Christians.

There seems to be a lot of sarcasm here and probably no real question, but….

The “Unknowable Undifferentiated Absolute” carved “Darkness out of the Light” in order to allow creation to exist, since the pure divine light of its existence would not allow for anything else to exist within it. This created an opportunity for creation to reflect the Light back toward the Absolute. What that vehicle is that reflects this light may or may not be a church or any type of institution of worship. And can worship reflect back the light or must it come from within? In Islam it would come from within the Heart of Man.

There is a church that is not made with human hands and hypocrisy. It is simple but not easy to find. It is the invisible Kingdom Of GOD. It is made up of all believers in Christ finished work on the cross. This church is the bride of Christ. Not made with human hands. It is made with blood and pain and suffering at the hands of mockers and arrogant selfish fools. Their descendants are still alive today.

God will never build an external church.
It’s mans responsibility to build an internal church.
God has given man all the tools that are necessary, for the construction to commence.
God has sent mankind Prophets to give man an explanation
regarding the construction of the inner church.
It’s mans responsibility to build a firm foundation within the heart, so that the framework will not be shaky, and faith is necessary so the construction will not be interrupted by any storms that may arise.
God has supplied all the materials, given man the blueprint,
and now it’s in mans hands to supply the labor!
It’s in mans hands as to whether he can be a good general contractor, and finish the project, so that it will be acceptable to God!
May Gods Grace help you finish your construction project.

God didn’t create every thing out of nothing. god the divinity was every thing. all was in one the point & the cermunfrance out of him self he creatid the univerce
No god dont nead money how ever peopul do & since pepul build churches churches nead money!
Jesus said destroy the tempil & i will rebuild it in three days The tempil is the boddy, the rebuilt tempil is the resareticid soul so for every person who dies a tempil/or church dose spring out of the ground

There are many roads to God, He does not care which road you take, or if you take no road.

I think there are churches springing up from the ground everyday. Nature is God’s creation. I certainly feel closer to God walking along the beach than I do in any church listening to someone tell me what he thinks God said because it is in the bible. Bull$hit, I am not interested in the word of Paul, or Constantine, or Pope Gregory.

You do not have to give money if you do not want to. That is between you and God. You also do not have to help others if yo do not want to. You can just wait until someone else is doing all those things to you what you want.

We are here for God’s pleasure and for His purposes. When we go to heaven then everything is going to be perfect. While here, we have some obstacles.

I think that God’s plan is great. I place my wisdom in His wisdom. Yes, He loves us all. And I love Him too.: )

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