If i got charged with 2 felonies, 1 gross misdemeanor, and one misdemeanor, wat do u think my sentence wil be?

I got 2 felonies, 1 for stealin a car and breakin and entering, and 1 for having a nife in school, i got a gross misdemeanor for stealing a purse, and a misdemeanor for assaulting a 13 yr old…what do you think the judge has in store for me…I am 17 years old…

just get probation and then will have to do community work, and then you will get an espongement.

Ok, a friend of mine stole two cars and he was 17. 17 is an adult in my state at least for prison. I know he was sent to a youth center for long term. It was a work force thing. He ended up asking the court to just send him to prison instead of probation. He served 5 years and now he is facing a class C felony for possesing drugs. I think you will at least get some jail time. I’m not sure if you will go to prison. If you go it will be for 120 days (4 months) and then you will be on heavy probation for a while afterwards. I hope the best for you, and hire a good lawyer. A Public Defender is a Public Pretender. Your 17 and you made some mistakes. You have your life ahead of you. So don’t worry to much you will get thru about 6 months of bs and then you will have a chance to walk a perfect probation.

My favorite part is that you only got a misdemeanor for assaulting a 13 year old…it says a lot about our legal system when stealing a car gets you more time than attacking a kid.

I can’t believe people on here are supporting you, like it’s a “speed bump in your life” and “you did nothing wrong”. No wonder this coutnry is going to hell in a handbasket when so many people are stupid enough think being a violent criminal is a perfectly acceptable career path. Please, feel free to steal your supporters’ cars in the future so they can benefit from your line of work.

I’ll tell you what the judge should sentence you to, 20 years. Instead, you’ll probably get 5 and be out breaking more laws in no time. Tell you what, come to my neighborhood and make a mess, I’ve got a .45 concealed carry and I’ll be your Huckleberry any day…just remember that kid, you never know when you’re going to meet the man or woman who owns a gun, knows good and well how to use it, and puts you down for good. That is, unless you decide to change your ways for the better…

I think you are in some trouble. The judge can decide to go ahead and turn you over to an adult court, if you haven’t been already. Your sentence usually can be affected by if you have a prior criminal history. Just hope that they are not going to put in a waiver for you to be tried as an adult, otherwise you may get a pretty hefty sentence. I have seen youth who committed burglary and were released to the custody of their parents, but you are on the borderline because you committed so many acts and are almost an adult. Goodluck to you. I am not a lawyer, so if you really want to know I would call one.

You’ll be charged as an adult. I give it 3-5 years incarcerated and 1 year in a halfway house then prolly another 2 on probation.

Man that’s quite alot of trouble. If they were all somehow related you might be OK but if they are all separate stuff I don’t see how you won’t get locked up.

I got jail time for theft and stolen goods but I’m 21 so I guess it’s different.

Good luck though and make sure you have a lawyer.

I see cases like this all day long at work….you will say your sorry and that it was a “Bad decision” they will slap you on the wrist and give you probation….It used to piss me off to see little punks get away with it all just because they were minors….But its OK now because you will walk away with a warning and probation, then in about a year and a half or so we will see you again this time as an adult and this time facing PRISON time….so take your probation….go rob and steal….slang some dope…and we will see you in court in 2009….Or you could take this last chance and change your life….personally I hope you continue to break the law….I call it job security! Thanks for your patronage!

Wow you will do some time maybe 5 years in jail fines and probation.
Good luck just think your driving in a car and your going over a speed bump and it will take time to get over but soon you will see the road.

I’m sure by now your attorney has answered that question better than any one else can. It’s not what you will get, but what you should get. On the other hand, if you are an American Citizen with roots other than Latin, you will probably get a slap on the hand instead of the death penalty!

I totally agree with quelisto – and i can’t believe all you yahoos who think that his actions are ok as long as he sounds like he is sorry – he is sorry – a sorry excuse for a human! Beating up on a 13 yr old then making fun for saying he ran to his “mommy”…I hope they charge you as an adult and throw away the key!

Unfortunately, you are probably not going to get the punnishment you would rightfully deserve for crimes like those mentioned above. More than likely, you will be pleaded down on all charges, and they will be rolled into a nice little package that will probably result in four years.

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