Is a teacher forcing their political views on a state bill legal?

So the other day my biology teacher forced every single one of her 100 some students to write word for word her opinion on a state bill and use our names to send emails to the congressman. No one even had an opinion on the bill yet we still had to conform to hers and send emails to the congressman. Failure to do so…

You should probably talk to the principal. She needs to go away.

in a public high school, teachers are not supposed to give their political/religions opinions to the class. they can actually get into a lot of trouble for doing this.

you should go to your principal and tell him/her about the situation.
also, about the urine sample, this is very illegal.

FYI, she cannot force you to submit a urine sample; it’s your urine she can only have it if you WILLINGLY give it to her. if she tries to pull this stuff again, walk out and go directly to the Principal and tell him/her what this teacher is asking of you. if your principal blows you off, go to the Superintendant of schools.

When you and your parents spoke to the principal about these egregious ethics violations, what happened?

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