Is the Eclipse a Good First Car?

I’ve been wanting an Eclipse for my first car, but I’ve heard they are really expensive on insurance..I’ve looked all over the internet, but cannot find a “round-about” price anywhere.

What would be an “average” price for a Eclipse for a young FEMALE driver (16-18) in Missouri?…

If you want something sporty looking then yes i’d say it’s a pretty good first car, but it all comes down to you test driving it and forming your own opinion. When I was 17 i got my second car which was an automatic V6 mustang. It’s true that cops will pay more attention to it because they assume people will try to go fast or race people in cars like those but as long as you obey the traffic laws they won’t bother you, it also doesn’t help having an aftermarket exhaust like I have which attracts more attention, they could pull you over all day if they wanted but if you didn’t do anything wrong they can’t just give you a ticket. I have a 5 speed 2001 Eclipse GT which is my 3rd car that i’ve had for almost 2 years, and I got it to learn how to drive a manual. It’s a really nice car and enjoyable to drive and never had any problems with it. One of my former room mates also had an automatic Eclipse GT and he never had problems with it either, it’s all about how you drive and treat the car. Always remember EVERY car is good and reliable as long as you take care of it and maintain it properly.

Also what the other guy said about people driving the car hard is only about half true, if the car is 100% stock (no after market intake, exhaust, etc.) it greatly reduces the chances that the car was abused. On a side note, when I look for a car I always make sure the car interior and exterior are very clean as well as a clean engine bay. If the everything is clean including the engine bay it shows the previous owner and/or the dealership care about the appearance of the car which is good, nothing bothers me more then a dirty or dusty engine bay. Keep in mind there’s also some cons to this car. Vision out the side windows is kinda minimal and since it’s a hatchback vision out the back window isn’t that great compared to a sedan or other coupes. The Spyder models are a little different tho so I can’t really say how it looks out the back window with the the roof up because I’ve never been in a Spyder model, the Spyder models don’t have a hatchback trunk tho. Eclipses are also notorious for having the smallest amount of room possible in the back seat. If you have tall guy or girl friends their head will easily touch the roof or back window and even with the front seat all the way forward there still will be minimal room. I’m 6 feet tall so I hate it when 4 people ride with me because then I have to pull up to give them room which makes it uncomfortable for me. Of course people who are short probably won’t mind too much, I had a girl ride in my back seat and she was like 5’2″-5’4″ and she had a decent amount of room. Be sure to test drive one for awhile and make sure you like it and are comfortable with it.

Last but not least I recommend you get one of the GS models since it has the 4 cylinder engine and will get better gas mileage. To this day I still wish I would’ve gotten the 4 cylinder GS instead of the 6 cylinder GT. And not that it’s a big deal since it’s like maybe a total $2 price difference for a full tank, but you should also know the GT models recommend you use premium unleaded fuel, not regular.

The Eclipse is not really a great first car. They are not as sporty to drive as they look but are still fun. Problem is you will probably get in trouble a lot easier with a car like that then with a sedan. Trust me on that one, a 2 door is like wearing a neon flashing sigh on the roof saying ***LOOK AT ME DRIVE*** To any police or trooper in the area.

Other problem is, the Eclipse is really not the most reliable vehicle on the road when new, and with all they are a bit old and a very VERY good chance they were driven hard by their owners. Generally, unless you know the vehicle owner personally, getting any used sports car is a gamble as most are driven to hell and back which really kills the suspension and motor.

Any sedan would be easier on insurance, even with the older cars your probably still talking around $100.00 a month easy. Back when I was 16 I was paying $105 a month on a 16 year old Nissan Sentra with a 5 speed and 2 doors. I can’t seen insurance for a 16 year old improving much, if anything should have gone up in 9 years from when I was that young.

***Mind you, my insurace was for a guy and not a girl, so yours will be a bit cheaper but not much.***

Best thing, get the info on the cars and call the insurance company and ask for a free rate quote. Shouldn’t take more then a few minuits and you will have a general idea of the price.

You will need the Year, Make, Model, Trim, Milage maybe and any safety equipment like Car Alarms and Anti Lock Brakes to get the rate quote.

Good luck and try not to have Tooooo Much fun.

I don’t know the prices, but you should look on that will tell you the cost. Also look or cars for sale on

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