Just who was the gerber baby?

Dorothy Hope Smith of Boston, an artist specializing in children’s drawings, submitted an unfinished charcoal drawing that was closer to a simple sketch than a professional drawing.[4] This five month old baby, Ann Turner, was drawn with tousled hair, bright blue eyes, and round pursed lips. Smith told the judges that if the sketch was selected as the winner she would finish it professionally.[3] The drawing was selected to be the winner, however to her surprise the judges wanted it just the way it was sketched with no modifications.[5]

In 1928 the “Gerber Baby” symbol was introduced to help identify the new product.[6] It was first used in an advertisement placed in Good Housekeeping for baby food. Within sixty days “Gerber Strained Foods” using the “Gerber Baby” symbol had gained national recognition and it was distributed to various places throughout the United States.[7] It became internationally recognized before long.[2]

The campaign got mothers of new borns to participate directly in a coupon redemption program. The introductory offer was that for the name of a favorite grocer they could receive six cans of the canning company’s soup and strained vegetables for only a dollar. The idea was to stress the nutritional value of its baby foods as well as the bonus features that it was time-saving and economical as compared to buying by prescription. The sketch was so popular that the Fremont Canning Company made it their official trademark in 1931. The Gerber Baby has since appeared on all Gerber packaging and in every Gerber advertisement.[2]

Ann Turner Cook is said to be the world’s best known baby because of the company’s trademark.[1] The baby face has come to personify the company’s commitment to a happy healthy baby.[8]

The Fremont Canning Company changed its name to Gerber Products Company in 1941. In 1996 the company revealed its first new label in more than 40 years. Sixty eight year old Ann Turner Cook was at the company’s introduction. She is a mystery novelist and retired English teacher. For many years she has stayed under the radar, however lately she has granted several Florida newspapers interviews.[4]

The company is in the process of looking for the next Gerber Baby. There was once a poll done in the United States and it showed that many people thought that the Gerber Baby became someone famous like Humphrey Bogart, Elizabeth Taylor or Senator Bob Dole.[8] The Gerber Baby tradmark has been shown by the United States public to be of the highest consumer loyalty, according to a 1998 survey.[5]

Wow I did not know all this!

His name was Bill Gerber.

She’s already passed away….She would be sooo old, if she was still alive.
She sure was a CUTE Baby….
Awww Gerber Baby

The person on the logo whom inherited a lot of royalties from it’s trademark being used.

Does it really matter that little cutie pie sold lots of baby food and is still one of the cutiest babies on any jar of food I have ever seen!

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