LDS / Mormons: Will the Holy Ghost receive a resurrected body someday?

Logic says yes, but I’d never really thought about it. Unless maybe that’s just his eternal role. If he does, do you suppose it might be during the millennium?

I welcome others opinions on this too of course. Im just looking at it with an LDS perspective 🙂

I have a theory about this subject. I think that the Holy Ghost is a position or office and not one specific being. I think in the beginning it was filled by Adam (Michael). When he received a body, another person filled the role, maybe Enoch or Noah.

Very Very Good Question. Probably the first on this site that I deem worthy to be answered. I would suggest that the quote you have cited contains a clerical error, or written so an individual of basic belief can understand. It was not written to be a legal document subject to scrutiny in a court of public opinion as you are using this forum for. As I am at work I cannot drag out scriptures to quote. In lamans terms, The Holy Ghost is a Member of the Godhead. He, IS NOT a God, as he has no body. But as he is one of the most valiant of spirits, one of the most just of the intelligences, He has been assigned by his virtueous conduct in the pre-exsistance to carry out that specific calling. It is also our “LDS” Belief, that the individual who right this moment is the Holy Ghost, will be required to take on a Human Body of his own, and have a Human Experience… Who then will be the Holy Ghost and take his place? That question can be answered like this. A new person will be called into that position. Much like when the a Bishop or Stake President is released after so many years of service, He is replaced by another member of the ward or stake who is worthy and able to accept that call. Does that suit the court of public opinion well enough? I can quote sources, but I don’t have them in front of me for specifics and I don’t want to look stupid misquoting scriptures etc… UPDATE: The Holy Ghost can be considered a God. He does not need a body and this is how and why. “The Great I AM otherwise known as The Great Jehovah of the Old Testiment is Jesus the Christ. Though his rightousness in the pre-motal estate, He had already achieved the level of Godhood (A designation of Priesthood Office not the Namesake of a Personage) before taking on a body of flesh and bone.”

Lds Holy Ghost


But let’s back up slightly to understand the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost became a part of the Godhead in the pre-existence when he covenanted with God the Father and Jehovah [or Jesus Christ] to do so. It is a titular as well as duty specific – the Holy Ghost testifies of all truth and specifically of the divinity of Christ. We understand that the Holy Ghost is spirit – and has not received a physical body. Considering the great plan of happiness is for all God’s children to experience mortality and receive bodies – at some point, the personage of the Holy Ghost will do so as well. Whether on this earth or another is something we can only speculate upon.

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I’m probably going to get a lot of thumbs-down since my personal theory is a bit deep, but here goes…

We know from both the Bible and the Book of Mormon that God has spoken of “other worlds”. By His words we know that we are not His only creation. So when you think of those verses and other understandings of the gospel, it makes sense to me that it’s possible that these other worlds have needed a godhead as well. Who would that be? Consider this – perhaps God the Father was a savior for another world. I mean, He has flesh and bone, right? So, how could He have received a body of flesh and bone without being born? He would’ve had to be born somewhere at some time in some world. So, I think, our Jesus Christ will someday be the God of another world, our Holy Ghost will be the Savior for that world, and then there will be another spirit appointed to be the Holy Ghost for that world. Let me say this again, this is NOT LDS doctrine. This is something that I’ve considered and makes sense to me. By this theory, the Holy Ghost as we know it/him will be able to receive a body that is essential for salvation. Not only are we continuing our progression after we die, but I believe so is the godhead. Did my theory make any sense?

It’s the Spirit of God but there’s no official doctrine on if it will receive a body. It might not receive a body, it’s purpose might be to dwell in a person and others around could feel the presence of the Holy Ghost so it would have no need for a body since it’s to let us know by a feeling the truths. Again, I don’t know, I’m just saying a theory I have about it.

the church has no official doctrine.
but I like what JFS said about that — “avoid speculating on the destiny of spirit”

on the whole – it is assumed by some (but not given through revelation) that it will be necessary for the HG to receive a body at some point — the time frame is not particularly important. the fact that the resurrection applies to any dead before the atonement took place should effectively dissolve any supposed requirement for sequence…….

I have heard some speculate that the HG would be the last one born to this earth…..and I have heard, as the senator suggests, that the HG is more a position of calling than a single personage. interestingly enough – obviously a physical body is not a requirement for the HG to be a member of the Godhead, of power and authority, or of a mission which must be performed by a spirit. there is much about the eternities we do not know…..

There’s no official doctrine on the event, but I’ve often thought of it myself.

Could be that he is the last to be born. That way he would get a body and not have to really worry about his duties on earth as earth is coming to an end. Of course he would be in an infants body for a while in the afterlife, but that may not be as bad as he is who he is and size shouldn’t matter by that time.

There is no official doctrine on the subject.

My best assumption is that He will someday because, as it says in D&C 93, a being can only receive a fullness of joy when they are of spirit and flesh. How or when or whatever I don’t know and neither does anybody else as of yet.

Right now, all we need to worry about is that we are seeking to be filled with love and that we are following the Gospel path as outlined by Jesus Christ.

No doctrine about it. I expect the case is the fact that Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost/Spirit is drawing close to the Unpardonable Sin. Hence the reason not much is known.

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