Mom with 50/50 custody trying to send 16 year old to live with dad?

I am a 16 year old living in California’s Central Coast. My parents have been legally divorced since I was 9 years old. My parents share 50/50 custody of me. On August 26th 2010 my father is moving the the very top of the California coast, just 15 miles from the Oregon border. My dad has told me that he will…

aha you messed up! I dont blame your mom for being pissed, who wants to deal with that?

shes probably looking for whats best for you, cause you obviously dont listen to her, so she thinks youll behave more if your with your dad.

Just be nice to them and work it out with your mother, if you start the whole ‘living with a friend’ thing it wont help.

Yes she can give her rights up to having you in her care at anytime that is her right to do!
you could see if you can be on your own depending if your job gives you the money that you would need to live on your own.
good luck

Idk if Your lucky you can do a court case to become your own adult but idk you have to have a steady job and be able to support yourself

hmmm… my friend had the same problem but he spent time with the parent he was currently with and worked it out

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