My 16 year old sister is having sex with a 21 year old. Should I tell our parents?

My sister is very mature. People tell her that all the time. But she is mature for the average 16 year old. She takes it to mean she is like an adult. She dropped all of her 16 year old friends and now hangs out with people my age (21). She even has this secret boyfriend, and it kills me hiding this from my…

Being an older brother I would talk to this secret bf and give him a chance to stop seeing her before you tell your parents, or worse, the cops. If you are not comfortable with that then definitely just tell your parents.

Do not feel bad for telling on her because she needs a reality check and it is obviously going to take more than her older sibling to make that happen.

Do what you have to do to make this stop.

I’m all for letting your sister do her thing but she’s heading done the wrong path. yes, she may be mature but she’s very young and everyone at that age is a little naive. This guy is taking advantage of her and I would tell your parents. She’s blinded by love to notice what he is doing. You are the older sibiling and even though you may not always be the nice guy, it’s the right thing to do. Good luck

In the United States, that is considered child molesting, and the 21 year old can, deserves to, and probably will, go to jail, In jail, his room mate will be a 300 pound guy with “Bubba” tatooed across his knuckles that will thoroughly enjoy having a new girlfriend in the cell with him.

Invite your sister and her lover to come have an ice cream with you some time. Don’t tell her that you are going to have your Dad with you. When they join you, tell them that you love your sister and that the guy had better never have sex with her again.

I hope your Dad punches his lights out.

Grandpa Frank

I dont think its appropriate to speak to any adult in this fashion. However, youre sister in certainly not the only one at fault. If youre step mother wants to enjoy the advantages of being part of your family then she also needs to step up and be there during the tough times. I would suggest speaking to your father about this. Try to find a way to resolve this and make your step mother more active as a mother.

no. okay first of all im in the exact situation. my bf is 20 and im 15. i love him and he loves me. if we where 10 years old it would only be 30 and 25 that dont even sound bad. they would be 26 and 31. not that big. age is a stupid number that means nothing. no she shouldnt be having sex with him, and exspecialy relying on you to not care. you are her older sibling and you do care so you needa talk to her. do not call the cops call your parents before you do that. cuz you report him he will be considered a chilld malester for the rest of his life and thats all on you, he would do jail time and have to report to the government for the rest of his life and thats bull. dont ruin his life cuz hes in love w your sister. shes so mature shelll no whats good for her, she dont need someone to tell her how she feels and she wont listen to you anyways. if shes a rebel at all she may just run away with him if you tell her parents. he wants to marry her so just be happy hes not just using her for sex. and men are different if he writes her love poems and such he must care a little. thats very sweet and not normal. ask around and see what his past was like to see if he dated young before or if hes into rich people just dont do anything drastic till you now who he truelly is. hope i helped 🙂

You may think she is mature but in reality she is not mature enough to fully understand the ramifications. Your parents should know, not all the details. This is underhanded and probably not the best advice but leave an empty condom wrapper in her room for her mom to find.

OMG. Tell your parents.
She’s only 16. For God’s sake.
6 years difference? She’s only 16. She doesn’t know what love is.
They’re definitely using her.
If you don’t want it to follow him, then tell him to back off first. If he doesn’t then tell him you will report him, Because it’s totally illegal.

TELL THEM NOW!!! If they don’t listen, call the police. You already know he’s a scumbag and it SHOULD follow him for his whole life. He’s a sicko and people should be aware of whos daughter he might go after next. Report his @zz to someone.

depends on the legal situation in your country and or state.
you not liking the guy isnt a good enough reason to mess with her (edit: your sister’s) social life.

omg seriously…give her some space, don’t be all up on her bussiness. JK, JUST JK
then again, if you are really concerned then tell her why you are instead of just going to your parents and risking the chance that she will hate you forever and who knows what your parenst will do to her if that doesn’t work, then tell ur parents right away

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