MY 6 week old puppy has Parvo!Help!?

I took my puppy to his first vet appt. today. Ive only had him for 3 days and the vet told me my puppy has parvo and there’s nothing we can do but treat the symptoms and help him fight it off. But my puppy is fine, he had a little vomitting and diarhhea yesterday but he seems fine today and has been jumping and…

wow max was the name of my lil chihuahua…but i changed it to spike…ok anyways! do u want to treat him at home? ok so what i did when my puppys had parvo was, i made shure it was well hydraited, gave it hearble tea, and give it goats milk, also something to keep it all down. i used peptobizmo. it works rly!if u need any more info on how my puppy survived, just e-mail or IM me, im free to both. and in ur case u need to give it attention quickly.

Hope i helped ^^

Both of my puppies just went through Parvo! Yes, all they can do is treat the symptoms and let the virus take it’s course. Every case of Parvo is so vastly different, it’s impossible to say what will happen. I have a Saint Bernard and a Bernese Mountain Dog and they got parvo at 5 months (50lbs) and the Saint Bernard didn’t have it too bad but was still in the hospital on an iv for almost a week. The Bernese Mountain Dog has it much worse.

The only reason you have to keep them at the vet is to keep him hydrated. Dehydration is the number one reason why the parvo puppies die. So unless you can provide constant hydration, he needs to be hooked up to an iv at the vet.

It is also important to note that Parvo kills off the immune system and makes the puppy susceptible to secondary infection and therefore they need antibiotics.

It’s possible to treat your puppy at home, ask your vet and see what they think about it! If the Parvo isn’t severely affecting him, it might be possible but ASK the vet! Good luck!

A 6 week old puppy should still be with the mom and litter mates so would be eating what the breeder was feeding them. No pup should leave the mom and litter-mates before a minimum of 8 weeks and only a BYB or a puppy mill would let them go any earlier. Take the dog to the vet for a checkup and get to know the vet real well as you will be seeing a lot of them due to the fact that you got your puppy from someone so irresponsible. Look at the ingredient on the bag of puppy food making sure that meat is the first ingredient and no corn.

Did the Vet do a parvo test? He is certainly not acting like a parvo dog!
Puppies get into things all the time which can cause a little diarrhea and/or vomiting – we usually call it dietary indiscretion. Parasites can also cause these symptoms. Mild cases are rare – adults dogs can have mild forms because their immune systems tend to react faster than puppies ( and yes all dogs regardless of age can get parvo). There are a number of thing you can do to treat him at home – Tamiflu, pepto, imodium, fluids like pedialyte and gator aid ( a number of my clients use kitten formula – it provides fluids as well as nutrition).

Since the test was positive it may only be a mild case – just watch him closely. It might be a good idea to do a course of tamiflu just to be on the safe side. Ask your Vet.

Sorry no remedies & puppies do best when it is caught in time which at least sounds like yours was. Pup is actually too young to go to new home & call the breeder since most likely the whole litter infected & maybe they will help with the vet costs. You will have to have vet care if you want such a young pup to survive so be prepared to pay. Keeping them hydrated in the most crucial thing for pup so try to keep him drinking as much as possible.

My black lab pup had parvo when I purchased him. Unfortunately there was no health guarantee so I thought for sure he was going to die. I loved my baby soo much so I called many vets and one told me to get a dropper or a human baby bottle and put yellow gaterade in it and force it down his throat. Not too much cuz you could choke him but keep doing it Like every 20 minutes or so. My puppy is now 5 months old and is the best friend ever. Good luck

The biggest thing is he needs to stay hydrated. I doubt he has a ‘mild’ case it probably just hasn’t reached the bad stages yet.

Make sure the vet shows you how to administer fluids to him and keep on top of it. Vomiting and diarrhea can easily kill a puppy.

If you’ve only had him for three days and he has Parvo I would contact the people you got him from as more than likely his entire litter has been exposed.

Yes their are cases where dogs get a mild symptom of parvo and they are able to get over it, Parvo is very serious and their is not Home Remedy to treat it but a call to the vet. If he gets over it and theirs a 50/50 chance he’ll pull through….it seems like your puppy already has…keep him out of contact with other dogs and get him to the vet to get him vaccinated as soon as possible.

Pedia light. Siring feed it. You must keep the dog hydrated for him to make it. Puppy vitamins will also help. Crush them & add water. Also syringe this so you know he is getting it down. Call the vet back & ask how much it will cost for an anti-vomiting shot or meds & some i.v. fluids. When he stops the trowing up for a few days, you can also give puppy or goats milk seeing he is to young to be away from his mom.


“Parvo” is a word most puppy owners learn, and learn to dread. It’s short for canine parvovirus, the most common infectious dog disease in the U.S.
here are some guidelines:

hope this helps.

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