My friend told me she sexually abused her brother, help!!!?

Sorry I posted this yesturday but I still haven’t told anybody and neither has she!

My friend (where really close and tell each other everything) has just told me that about 8 years ago when she would of been 11 and her brother 7 she used to feel him up and kiss him and try and have sex with him sometimes…

She was a child when the assault occurred, so it would not be an adult crime. If she was ever charged, it would be very difficult to prove the crime. If it did come to that, the most common resolution is a plea bargain, involving appropriate medical care and supervision.

It may not need to reported to authorities at all, as long as her health workers feel that no one is immediately at risk. It might be reported to the family.

It is important that she tell the key worker. Her 15 year old brother needs help to recover from this assault. She needs to talk about this in counselling to support her own recovery. She needs to accept that that 11 year old child was mentally ill, but she can recover and be a different person. It is OK for her to talk about that child, because she is no longer that child. She is recovering and is someone else now. Telling this story will help her to move through the grieving process. The fact that she told you shows that she is making progress in her recovery. She should keep up that momentum.

She will not go to prison. Yes, it was caused by, and contributed to her mental health issues. She is also a victim, as she did not receive the care and supervision that she needed as a child, which allowed this to happen. It is OK. She can talk about this, and she needs to. It will be hard for her to fully recover without working through this issue in counselling. She needs a counselor that she trusts to work with her in a non-judgmental way and help her understand that she can forgive herself.

Best Wishes to you and your friend. e-hugs for what you’ve all been through.

That’s fairly weird. She obviously can’t go to prison if she was a child herself- she probably didn’t even know the consequences of what she was doing at that age anyway. She could also be one of those attention seeking lunatics who is blowing past experiences out of proportion. Shes clearly not very well anyway so just try look after her

Don’t know English law. .
but in THE COLONIES we call that childhood exploration, though it is usually male over female. In the usa they forbid us to have sex thoughts before the age of consent. so we do not ever touch each other until we are married [fug it] I enjoyed a lot of exploration [exploitation] before my Age was appropriate for any thing never hurt my brain nor my cousins / Brother. I am 23 and still mess with a cousin when we get the chance. my Bro never had coitus with me, but he can pat my tummy and give me a fantatstic ‘0r gas yu m ‘ even now. Don’t take life so serious chil–lax. .

this is a very serious thing. it’s good that she is at least getting some treatment, even though she didn’t tell her key worker. But what about her brother? he is probably soo confused and awfully scarred from this if it actually happened. Someone of authority who can help needs to know, for his sake.

Of course she could go to prison, just because it’s her brother it’s not handled in a different way.

No, she can not go to prison, however it is very likely that she could be hanging on to thoughts of child abuse. I hope very much that you will do this, go and buy the book “A New Earth” by Ecart Tolle, read it yourself and give it to her to read.

Because she was so young, there probably wouldnt be and legal consequences, so long as she doesnt still do it. She probaly would though be tested and given mass therapy.

Run 4 da hillz dat ***** is crazy. No but seriously Police┬┐

She’s probably acting out something that happened to her. She won’t go to prison, but should seek help.

ermm well WOW

ermm well it’s best to get somebody involved because it would of affected he brother A LOT and is probably keeping it bottled up, and i reallly think he needs to speak to somebody

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