Parents of children who watch Disney movies?

What is their favourite old Disney movie and their favourite new Disney movie?

My 18 month olds favourites.
The Little Mermaid (remastered of course, no priestly erections in our copy)

Monsters Inc.

I wish I had a girl because I LOVE disney movies!! My absolute faves are Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the Little Mermaid. Obviously my sons can watch these if they feel, but infortunately my fiance is a bit weird about things like that for our boys.
Jake is 23 months old and loves Finding Nemo. That’s it. That is all he likes to watch!!!
I have Aladdin and The Lion King on dvd as the Lion King is one of my fave movies of all time, but at the moment it’s just this Nemo obsession!!

My niece is still too young to concentrate on something longer than 5 minutes, but I gotta say I love Disney and Pixar myself. My favourites, which I hope to share with my niece and my own children too:
The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Mulan.
For the Pixars, my big favourite is Monsters Inc. I also loved Ratatouille and Wall-E. I liked Up and the Incredibles too but not as much. I also love the short one Boundin’.

When you ask about favorite old Disney classics, I have to say Bambi, which I saw in the theater when I was only 5 years old in Pasadena, CA back in 1956.
New Disney movies encompass both of your selections. I liked the new Alice in Wonderland that Disney put out using Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Ann Hathaway.

LMAO @ the preistly erections…and my cousins LOVE the new princess and the frog movie…as well as i do the songs are great and the little firefly is lovable but it can be scary with all the vudu they put in it…oh and kick *** is a good movie about kids but is NOT a kids movie…reason its rated R…so dont listen to person above..

My daughter’s favorite old Disney movie is Alice in wonderland.

Her favorite new Disney movie is The Princess and the frog.

We’ve only recently shown him a movie. He only recently will sit still long enough to watch half of it…lol.

His absolute favorite now is “A Buzz? Wooey?” aka “Toy Story.”

Say what about the priestly erection? I didn’t know that! lol

Well my baby girl is still really little, so it’s kind of hard to tell which is her favourite. But she seemed pretty interested in Alice In Wonderland.

Just like Mum. =]

To be straightforward, no i does no longer want my toddlers staring at that movie and it has no longer something to do with me being homophobic the two, with the aid of fact i don’t have something against gays and have self assurance each and every physique has the suited to love whomever they decide for yet letting my toddlers watch the variety of movie might bypass against our kin values and morals. I mean this is no longer suited to tutor your toddler one element yet do yet another so exposing them to this may be doing merely that. i’ve got self assurance that each and every thing could be defined at an suitable age yet having my toddlers watch that style of movie without explaination might serve no purpose different than to make youngsters think of this is the norm,,which sorry to declare people this is no longer. in spite of the undeniable fact that there is no longer something incorrect with it, it remains no longer something i think of must be concentrated at toddlers as they’re very impressionable and as i stated before could come to confuse them from what they’re being taught at residing house. some issues are extra effectual to no longer demonstrate youthful toddlers to too early on and for me this is certainly one of them. Thumbs down me people in spite of the shown fact that this is how i’ve got self assurance and a minimum of i could be straightforward approximately it fairly then attempt to stay politically suitable and please each and every physique…i do what i’ve got self assurance is great for my kin. no longer that we could ought to problem approximately disney doing the variety of movie each time quickly, as they conflict to stay very kin oriented with their video clips and save their video clips youngster suitable which the variety of movie is neither.

Old- Toystory New- Monsters Inc and Cars! He loves these movies!!!!!

my baby cousins LOVE ” los tres caballeros” with donald and is 2 bird friends 🙂

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