Period question!!!!!!!! (Girls and Women only!!!!!!!)?

So I’m 12 I haven’t started my period yet and I cant wait for it (I know thats dump)

Am I close to my period:

I’m practically boobless
Have quite alot of hair around vagina
Every saturday I get really bad cramps (I don’t know why it is on saturdays)

Being prepared:

If I make a period…

Being prepared:

– If I make a period emergency kit what exactly should I put in it?

Pads, pad bags to put used pads in just in case there’s no bin, spare underwear just in case yours get messy, wipes to clean your hands or legs if you get blood there but not for use on your vagina or vulva as it’s unhealthy, and clary sage which an essential oil you rub into your tummy to stop cramps that you can get from any good health store. You’ll also need a little bag to put everything in so it’s more discreet. Have a look at different period kits you can buy, this page has links to a few different kits…

– Suggest a list of good brands of pads and tampons, are bodyform pads good?

Don’t limit yourself to just tampons or pads, your options are; commercial tampons, organic tampons, sponge tampons, soft tampons, cloth tampons, padettes, commercial pads, organic pads, cloth pads, homemade pads, period belts, period panties, period blankets, silicone menstrual cups, rubber menstrual cups, diaphragms as menstrual cups, homemade menstrual cups, softcups, free-flow, free-flow layering, free-flow instinctive, extraction and menstrual management – all are very different.

Pads are best to start off with, when you’re more experienced you may want to use something internal, but tampons aren’t recommended as they are unnhygenic and unsafe due to their negative effect on your vagina, also with all the precautions you have to follow when using tampons they are inconvenient, menstrual cups or softcups are better options as they are safer and so are more convenient as they can be worn for up to 12 hours at any time, they also don’t leak as tampons do.

Pads : Bodyform are commercial pads so they’re made from synthetics treated with chemicals and bleach, they prevent your genitals from being able to ‘breathe’ so feel uncomfortable, instead try Cottons these are made form natural materials so healthier and more comfortable. Lunapads are better again as they’re really well made, they are far more comfortable, plus very fashionable, and they also make period panties which are underwear with pads built in so also more comfortable.

Tampons : again try organic rather than commercial, like Cottons, as well as being far safer they are easier to use as they’re cotton rather than synthetic materials like used in commercial brands, this means that they expand better so give better protection, and they are soft so more comfortable to insert. If you decide to try cups instead go for Ladycup which is good for younger women as they are smaller and more flexible than other brands so easier to use, or Mooncup which you can buy from Boots.

Most companies don’t give out free samples anymore, it costs them too much and they keep getting into trouble for trying to convince young women to use harmful products by giving out free samples, you can watch out for give aways of new products or try emailing different companies to see if any of them are willing to send you samples.

– What is Advil and Medivol?

Types of painkillers that are popular with some women to deal with menstrual cramps. What you need to understand is that although you may get cramps there’s no reason to suffer from them as most women can easily prevent cramps easily, at most painkillers like Advil will numb the pain for a short time, in the long-term they can make cramps progressively worse! Clary sage is the best option as they stop the pain far faster than painkillers and it also naturally supports estrogen production, this will help regulate your hormones which can prevent cramps. You’re better off preventing cramps, look at books and sites to find what works for you – try herbal treatments like raspberry leaf tea or evening primrose oil, exercise particularly yoga, masturbation can help a lot, hot-cold compresses, acupressure, good diet, or if cramps get bad ask your doctor for an anti-inflammatory drug such as Mefenamic acid.


– What is a really good website that tells you loads about menstruation?

Easy! Scarleteen’s article ‘On the Rag: A Guide to Menstruation’ is a great place to start, their web site is fantastic and this article gives a lot of VERY good information. A good site is although it’s a bit difficult to navigate around in general it has quite a bit of good information. Natracare is a brand web site but they have their ‘Monthly Matrix’ which is an interactive guide to your menstrual cycles. One site I would strongly recommend against is as it’s owned by Tampax and Always so their information is very biased and the site gives a very negative idea of menstruation.


– Are periods fun?

They aren’t exactly fun but periods are as good or as bad as you make them, they show you’re fertile and healthy, there’s nothing embarrassing or gross about periods and nothing you cannot do during your period, they are only bad if you make them bad. Women who think positively about periods learn how to manage them so enjoy their periods, women who think badly about periods don’t learn how to manage them so spend their life suffering with their periods. I never thought badly of my periods but I didn’t exactly think they were positive either, it wasn’t until I was an adult and started studying sexual health that I learned more and so realised that I had been making my periods difficult for myself, I switched to menstrual cups which were far easier to use and I made a point to prevent menstrual cramps or PMS by eating healthier, I learned how to make my periods lighter and now I love having my periods because I know I’m healthy and I find them interesting. There is a HUGE problem with media telling women that periods are gross, embarrassing, inconvenient, smelly and dirty when really none of these things are true, many women also think in a negative way about periods so tell other women that periods are bad – it’d be a miracle if you get your period and enjoy it, not because periods are bad but because there are so many women who will tell you periods are bad because they allow their periods to be unpleasant, and so many messages in the media trying to brainwash you into thinking a certain way about your body.

– How do I ask my mum how old she was when she first started having her periods?

Go up to her and ask, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, in her generation there may be some embarrassment about this sort of subject which may be why she hasn’t discussed all this with you herself already, so maybe wait until you’re alone to ask her or write her a little note asking her to talk to you about it so she has time to mentally prepare herself for talking to you about this subject. You may also want to discuss with your mom how you want to celebrate your first period, it is a big deal and there is nothing wrong with looking forward to your period, the better your experience with your first period the better you will feel about periods throughout your life – learn all you can so you know what to expect and celebrate becoming a woman with a nice day out or a new outfit.

There is so much information I could give you about periods, it’s impossible to post it all here in one small answer, but feel free to email me if you have any more questions 🙂

Usually your period starts about a year after you start growing pubic hair and about to years afer your breasts have started to develop, but every girl is unique so we can’t give an exact answer. I know that is not what you want to hear but it is true. I’m not sure why you get cramps on Saturdays, could it be something you regularly eat or do on Friday?

In your emergancy kit you should have three or four pads and if you want a couple tampons. Lots of us prefer Always brand because their are so many kinds for whatever your trying to do. I do not use tampons so I’m not sure, sorry! Most websites would offer samples but I wouldn’t recommend them. Just go out to the nearest drug store and but a small pack so you can check them out, if you don’t feel comfortable buying them ask your mom or a friend for a couple of hers. Advil is a very handy thing to have when you do get your period. It is an over the counter pain killer that will soothe the cramps. I have never heard of medivol but maybe i have just been living in a box. Lol

A nice website i like is called It has lots of good information about just everything.

I guess it’s a matter of opinion if you think periods are fun or not. I know when your younger it’s like a race to see who gets theirs first and its exciting when you do. Although many woman see it as a burden it does give us a sense of power in a way. As for asking your mom. I know it’s hard but you just need to do it. When she isn’t busy just go up and simply ask. She will happily sit down and talk to you. Usually when your mom started is about when you will start so it may give you an idea. Basically just be prepared and when it happens congratulations! Good luck honey!!

Love, Amber

P.s. And don’t worry it WILL come. If your a girl you will get your period. Simple as that.

I really don’t think you should be worrying about when it happens, because it will happen don’t worry! Also I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry as even though its a rite of passage and all and you feel more grown up, it can be a pain in the bum most of the time. I’m 17 and I first got my period when I was 13. I started off with pads but after a while I found that they tend to be a bit messy and tampons are really great because they are really easy to use and are great if you are planning on going swimming or anything, but having said this when starting off pads are better (for the night etc.)

I think the best brands are Always for pads and for tampons when starting off tampax compact are really good and really nice to use 🙂

If you want to make a emergency period pack I would put a pack of pads and thats all you really need.

A good website for period information is, it gives you all the info you need! 🙂

I’m not sure what Advil or Medivol is sorry

And as to are periods fun? No, Im sorry to say they aren’t fun at all 🙁 but once you get used to them they are easy to manage and you can get on with your life as normal.

I’m sure your mum will be willing to answer any questions you have I was really nervous to tell her when I got mine but she was really nice and told me everything I needed to know.

Good luck! I hope this helped you!

No one will ever know when you will get your period until it happens, but i personally don’t think you’re very close.

In you kit put:
Always pads( the thick infinity kind)
panty liners (the thin ones)
tampax compak ( they are tampons in a small package so you can take them anywhere)
a multipack of tampons ( lights, regulars and super)

It really depends if you want to use tampons or pads.If you mainly want to use pads get all sizes, especially sleeping ones!!! If you want tampons i would recommend playtex sport (they are SUPER comfy). Also, tampax pearl. They aren’t as comfy but good for light days. Don’t get cardboard applicators. OUCH!!!

umm, periods aren’t fun at all. the only fun part is buying all the stuff. lol

Advil is a pain reliever, so is midivol. It helps take away cramps and aches from your period.

You can get samples from the websites.,,, etc.

A GREAT websiter is it really helps with everything. also the tampax website is nice. check them out!

As for asking your mom- just ask it! It might be a little uncomfortable at first but soon you’ll get comfortable with talking to her about things.
ask her when it’s only you two.

okay, well i think thats all. GOOD LUCK!!

You might be close to starting your period.
Do you have any discharge?
You will probably get your period after you start having discharge.

If you make an emergency kit use:
Always Pads
Always Panty Liners
Tampax Pearl Tampons
Playtex Junior/Sport Tampons
I would put either Midol or Pamprin in it… Ibuprofin works the best, but you probably shouldn’t take it since your so young.
Midol is a pain killer that relieves cramps and backaches, it also helps mood swings, bloating, headaches, and pretty much anything else concerning your period. Pamprin is exactly the same thing.

Go to
This website helped me so much before I started my period!
You can also order samples from them.

Periods are not fun…
I really wanted my period to start with, and now sometimes I still want it, but they are painful, and difficult.
When you have your period you have to make sure you have everything you need before you go somewhere, and you are always worrying about leaks. The cramps aren’t fun at all! Some girls are lucky and don’t get cramps, but I get really bad ones.

Just start talking to your mom and tell her that you are concerned about getting your period, and you want to know when she got hers. Sometimes when your mom got her period has no effect on when you will get yours, but most of the time it does. My mom started her period when she was 9, but I didn’t get mine until I was 14.
Just talk to her.. She will have a lot of advice for you.

Hope this helps!!
xoxo Jadee =)

They are certainly not fun, as they are painful! Your period can come at any time, so be prepared!

For an emergency kit you will need:
pads, feminine wipes, spare knickers, pain killers!

Any brand of pads or tampons is fine they all do the job, I usually buy supermarket own brands. You can google to get some sites to get samples.

Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your mum about this, just ask her!

Good luck! x

They are not fun, at all. SO you better be glad you haven’t started. You can be starting or just having random cramps.

Emergency kit:

Tampons(i don’t know how to use one, i never use one, i stick to pads.)
And tylenol. it helps with cramps. And medivol is a reliver of cramps, it helps settle them.

Periods are deffinetly NOT fun. It’s actually good to be older when you start, so you have no rush:-)

My recommendations:
First, you’re twelve! The time will come when you’ll get your period. Don’t wish for it either, because it’s terrible!
Ok, so pads- Always. It always catches my flow whether I’m heavy or light that day.
Tampons- Playtex Gentle Glide Slender Lite and Slender regular
These tampons have an extra small applicator which is better for our age group(I’m 13)
Hope I helped!!

well, if you have alot of hair then id say itll come pretty soon.ummm good pads AND tampons are kotex. idk if england has it cuz i live in nebraska. umm but to be ready for your period make sure to have plenty of pads. and buy maybe just 1 box of tampons. try them out they arent that bad. ask your mom when you are out buying pads and tampons. you should be able to ask and tell your mom anything. well of that nature anyways. and the first . i guess is exiting but after that just annoyin. hope i helped :))

emergency kit: a pad/ tampon maybe some NSAIDs in case of cramps

periods are not especially funny;)
Ask your mother straight, it is a normal question to ask.

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