Please suggest a few names for an Indian baby girl…?

Garnet Skye.. beautiful Garnets come from India
Lilac Rose
Jonquil Dawn… Jonquil, an exquisite flower
Emerald June… India have beautiful Emerald’s also
Amethyst Rayne…. another! lovely gem you have in your country
Mimosa Pearl… Mimosa being a stunning flower and Pearl of course which is known as a virgin gem
Orchid Faith
Opal Melody
I chose gem names because each child born is a precious gem, I chose flowers also, because they are feminine, pretty and light. I do hope these have been of some help and interest to you, many congrats also.

Go to

They have a lot of indian names available and will help you out.



Anjanie – I have a friend with that name.
Yasmine – another friend and my sister’s middle name
Tabitha – Classmate

Well…Indian names get made fun of so choose a white name




Sky maybe?

Swati or Kasturi?

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