Politically speaking Is this true of Pro-Israel supporters?

Is it true that Pro-Israel supporters will continue supporting Israel no matter how many people it kills or the things it does? I’m starting to see that this is true about most of them…. I bet even if Israel exterminated the entire population of Gaza (1.5 million people) they would say it was…

Nobody has a Fundamental right to kill another, It shows me what lack of morality and lack of respect for human life ,you and your religion has(whichever) it maybe.

We have raised a nation, of criminals. and you make it a crime for people to say the Holocaust never occurred.

Now you are repeating the same sins of Hitler in your own,Palestine Holocaust.

I am quoted saying that the entire middle east should be nuked and obliterated regardless of war with Russia.
I am quoted saying that the US Military should have boots supporting Israel.
I condemn Hamas for using the people as shields and hiding in their city but that doesn’t mean Israel can stop. They must do what is in their power to look after their soldiers and save Israeli lives at home. That means Gaza must be 100% Israeli.

There is no other way. You cannot negotiate with a terrorist.

You can only shoot them in the f*cking head.

Keep in mind that I am not liberal nor republican so please do not put me into a category.

Edit: You are very welcome.
The thing is that our way here is no different. Israel is doing nothing different that we wouldn’t do ourselves. If it was American lives at stake you can damn well guarantee that our military would be going ape sh*t trying to prevent it by ANY means necessary.

I’m a Pro-Israel supporter. And Israel have a right to defend themselves from an active terrorist scum government, who have time after time spoken of wanting to wipe Israel off the map.

Judging by your username “Paki” it’s clear who you’re championing for. Or was it naturally set into you from the start simply because they’re also Muslim?

EDIT: If that addition was aimed at me: then dude, I clearly answered your question. And with a username like that, you’re clearly an embarrassment, and clearly have a biased opinion towards your fellow Muslims. No false information there.

ADD: Oh really? And yet if someone referred to you as a “Paki” you would be all up in arms screaming “RACIST!”. I’m basing my opinion on the fact that only an ignorant Muslim, British Asian would refer to themselves as a “Paki”, as well as the fact that you state you’re Muslim on your profile, and also state “I HATE Israel.”

Dude, don’t embarrass yourself any further.

ADD: Oh, it’s much different in the UK. Calling anyone of Southern Asian decent “Paki” is totally forbidden. There was an uproar recently of Prince Harry for calling a friend of his “Paki” affectionately, when him and others were kidding around and having fun making a video together during their training for the infantry. Now he’s facing a racism inquiry! It’s much different here, sir. You can’t say, or criticize anything in over-the-top PC Britain without someone pinning the “racism” label on you.

I agree with you completely. the goal of the israel first crowd is to destroy all muslim peoples and turn all muslim lands into a greater israel or to set off the Apocalypse in the case of the religious right.

Because most people see this conflict through two different perspectives . . . most people who are outraged at Israel are looking at the humanitarian toll that war certainly takes out of any population . . . the people, like myself, who are pro-Israel view this as the fundamental right of any nation to protect it’s citizens against terrorist activity . . . the two sides are approaching the issue from completely different mindsets.

It appears so. Especially considering that Israelis have little or nothing to lose in case of wars. Palestinians are a people without a home,, and have pretty much everything to lose.

If people were human beings and had some respect for humanity, all this over the past 60 years wouldn’t have happened.

And why are all the pro Israeli people prejudice the asker’s religion and culture? lmao, some people can certainly be childish.
That’s what being excessively religious brings.

[Terrorism seems to be an indispensable element of a successful insurgency, and it was no less so in Muhammad’s case. He used terrorism in two basic ways: First, he ensured discipline among his followers by making public examples of traitors and backsliders. In Muhammad’s day the penalty for apostasy in Islam was death. He also ordered some of his political enemies assassinated, including poets and singers who had publicly ridiculed him. When his armies marched into Mecca, for example, Muhammad’s suffah set about hunting down a list of old enemies marked for execution. Second, Muhammad used terrorism to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies on a large scale. In the case of the Jewish tribes of Medina, Muhammad seems to have ordered the death of the entire Beni Qaynuqa tribe and the selling of their women and children into slavery, though he was later talked out of it by the chief of one of his allies. On another occasion, again against a Jewish tribe of Medina, he ordered all the tribe’s adult males, some nine hundred, beheaded in the city square, the women and children sold into slavery, and their property distributed among his Muslim followers.]

Israel is going easy on you.

Actually you just described Hamas supporters, and Hamas whose stated agenda is to commit genocide on the Israeli people.

BTW, war isn’t fair.
The object of war is to win. Period.

I support any country that fights against scum that straps bombs on women, children, and sends them off to kill as many people as possible in restaurants, schools, and public areas.

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