POLL: Have You Had Anything Embarrassing Happen To You Today?

I was in line today at Target, and there was this really hot guy standing next to me. All of a sudden, my phone starts ringing (very loudly)

“I j..izzed right in my pants everytime you’re next to me. And when we’re holding hands its like having sex to me!” over and over. The guy gave me a…

That just made my day, haha. 🙂
Nothing embarrassing has happened to me today, which is a surprise, because I usually do something stupid everyday. lol.
Oh, but something happened to me the other day. 🙂 I was at the gym, and I thought I saw my mom on the treadmill. I went over to her, and said, “Hey mom, how you doing?” Uh.. it wasn’t my mom. haha. 🙂

lol. 🙂

I was doing my chores singing “The Reflecting God” as loud as I could. All the windows and doors were open and I live in a very religious community that also happens to be anti-Marilyn. Some came to the door to tell me I need an exorcism.


nah, i’ve been in all day sadly D:

the last embarrassing thing that happened to me was walking straight into a wheelie bin in brighton..

i turned the corner and smashed into it haha..i never thought it would happen…you always hear stories and see in films people walking into lamposts..never thought i’d walk into a huge bin..aahha..there were LOADS of people walking past aswell for a huge gay pride event

Well, I was susposed to go to school today, but I missed the buses and I went home.

Nopppe not today Monday tho lol

i replaced into watching my chum status up, and that i presumed she asked my chum if she had blood on her. And so i replaced into conversing approximately how i exploit to vomit on mine, and how undesirable it replaced into. I stated classes so loud the lads all laughed.Then they stated she replaced into asking if there replaced into any airborne dirt and dirt on her.

That’s ironic. I jizzed in my pants while I was standing in line too.

Not yet, but I am working on it. I mean it is only 7am here so I have plenty of time yet…

sorta. i met this REALLY cute guy at school today and we were talking and stuff and then one of my other friends started talking to me. she said something stupid and i made a REALLY dumb face at her. and the guy saw. wah wah waaaaah

Nope, nothing today…unuseually!

P.S. I would advise you change the ringtone ;]

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