Poll/Survey: Do you like drawing hearts(the symbol)?

I do, during class I am always drawing hearts on my papers. lol!

BQ: Star if you’re tired of the cold weather!

No I draw stick figures killing eachother 🙂 true story



Yeah! I do it alot too. In Science today we were drawing on whiteboards and holding them up to show our answers and I drew hearts all over mine :D<3!


I starred this yeah I am tired of the cold weather ! 🙁 <3<3<3 (L)

I have always sucked at making a perfect heart shape…hate the cold.

I draw stars lol

I love drawing ♥♥

I do it too! whenever I’m bored or I don’t want to think…

I’ll draw them! the problem is when I’m a guy! I have to hold myself! because they start thinking that the hearts are like ”clues”… -.- it has happened to me! so… XD

Never. I sniff the Sharpies and imagine the symbols. I’m odd enough already

I have a heart on my hand that i’ve consistantly penned on everyday for years. It’s pretty much always there.. just habbit more than anything.

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