Question about saving yourself for marriage?

Being a man of high moral standards and religious convictions, I saved myself for marriage. When I met my wife she said that she was doing the same. On our wedding night I realized that she was not fully intact. She claims to have busted her hymen while fishing for Opilio Crab in the Bering Sea. She says that she…

I can completely understand where you’re coming from since you are a man of the highest moral fiber and are supremely religious. I commend you on keeping it in your pants until your wedding night.

That being said, it IS almost 100% possible that your beloved wife is telling the truth about getting her cherry popped whilst trolling for the elusive Opilio Crab. Everyone knows the Opilio Crabs in the Bering Sea are very hostile, and have claws that are 2 feet long, thereby, it’s very likely that one of them busted her hymen with his freakishly large claws.

Oh, and don’t let the fact that your wife already had three kids before you got married confuse you. She was a virgin when you got married.

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That is a doubtful story. When people aren’t being truthful, they tend to provide lots of details. That sounds like a pretty detailed story. Only a doctor can really tell if a hyman is intact. How can you be sure you she wasn’t? At any rate, it’s in the past. As a Christian, you have to forgive her and move on, even if she is lying.

OMG – get over it already!
Either you love her and trust her enough after 10 years or you don’t – you are making a problem here where one doesn’t exist!

MOST women do not have their hymen intact by the time they are GROWN ADULTS due to the many other activities they have been involved in that have nothing to do with SEX. So let it GO for petes sake…..

Mr. High Moral Grounds – oh brother!

don’t hold it against her most people are abused sexually by someone in there lifetime weather they know it or not and most people have consented to some sexual play when they were younger
and some even when they were drunk

saving your for marriage is not always the best thing eather. you have not learnednd how pleasurerue your mate or even what makes her happy

after 10 years just keep loving her and you will be fine

as for me married 27 years through the good bad and ugly and 4 kids too
over all I still love my wife

It’s not real plausible, but there are dozens of other possible explanations. I’m actually amazed that this seems so important to you, after more than 10 years together. What possible difference could it make, especially now, after all this time?

Yeah I think I saw her on Deadliest Catch.

No way man she’s totally lying to you. Ask her questions about it to find out but even then she could have just done her research. but chances are she’s lying and after 10 years?? Jesus man why didn’t you say something about it 10 years ago? Why is it bothering you 10 years later so much that you had to ask this question on the Internet??

Yes, this does seem a plausible story. Things like that happen all the time. Well unless she was experienced in bed… lol.

I’m guessing if it was that important, you would have divorced her for it by now. LET IT GO….I don’t see how explaining could be a reasonable answer because it makes no since, but ok. Let’s just say she’s not being truthful, then what. Are you going to leave her, of course not. so let it go……she was what she was and is what she is. can you except that?

YES, the hymen can fracture from ridding a bike or even putting a tampon on, even sports or doing the splits so the answer is YES IT IS PLAUSIPLE AND ACTUALLY LIKELY.

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