Should the bible be used as justification to spread hate and bigotry.?

I do not believe that God is a bigot.

I give Him credit for having intelligence.

The biblical monster is fiction.

No, it should not.

It is, constantly, but it shouldn’t be.

An actual god would not be as the bible depicts.

To think that that this book of truth is fiction is easy to say however that usually happens when people presume that they know, but lack the fortitude to really put it to the test.
The reason that many story examples are quoted are cause for people to learn by the examples rather than suffer the results of their own similar mistakes. If the instructions from our creator were followed we would not have hate or bigotry, wars, violence,etc. Its not the teachings of the bible that cause these things, the written word prevents this when used accurately.
These men that mislead many will be responsible when our creator allows his king to start judgment of the human race. They will be cut off.
The point here is to ask questions and allow the scriptures to answer, do not put your trust in earthly man.
Psalms 146:3, Proverbs 3:5,6

There is the saying, Love what God loves and hate what God hates. As for your question, if people use His Word to spread hate and all, then they haven’t really understood God like they thought they did. They didn’t really trust in God or believe what He told them to do. Of course, I’m not talking about sharing/spreading the truth which is often offensive to many. The Scriptures are John 8:32 and Galatians 4:16: “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” “Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?” Besides sharing the truth that is often what people don’t “want” to hear, if they kill or hate, are prejudiced or don’t show love to even their enemies, they haven’t lived up to what they have already attained or understood God and His Word. But God is love. He hates sin, sin is an abomination and separates people from Him. But He wants everyone to be with Him in perfect paradise (Heaven) for all eternity. God is love but He is other things too. God is love, all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere at the same time, has perfect justice, is jealous, is the Creator/Maker of all, the Saviour of all mankind (as long as they do their part to receive the free gift of salvation). It should only be the truth that offends (because of people not wanting to hear the truth but rather believe in deception/lie or the like) and not the person who claims they are from God willingly hating without understanding and love for the person they were sent to try to plant a seed in. As Jesus said, “Go and sin no more.”

The Bible is used to declare the truth of God, Jesus and salvation. Part of that truth includes God’s love for people and part of it includes God’s justice and perfection. We cannot meet God’s standard for perfection and are liable for His punishment. But Jesus took that punishment on Himself.
As someone else said here, God hates sin, but loves sinners. Certain sins being called sins comes off to some as hatred and bigotry, but when in doubt, go back to my previous sentence. That is the key.

The bible is true as far as it is translated correctly.
There are many translations of it, and there are some mistakes in translation.
god is not a bigot,
and the bible should not be used to spread bigotry
Although some religions use it to do just that. For example the westburro baptist church, who protests at soldiers feunerals.

People choose only to see the “good” side of the Bible. In case people haven’t noticed, the Bible promotes misoginy, homophobia, ignorance and hatred towards “deformed” people. Don’t believe me? Try reading your precious Genesis, Leviticus and Romans.

God is nothing more than an imaginary being or center of focus used to promote, justify and control mankind. It’s pretty sad that people would rather blindly believe that the earth, the animals and the trees just magically “popped out” of nowhere instead of considering the robust theory of evolution. Hell, they even solved the question of the mismatched number of chromosomes between primates.

(BTW: Theories are a consist of a collection of FACTS. Scientists just aren’t as pretentious as religious zealots to declare the entire thing as a fact.)

In addition, in case people are branding science as “evil”, they might wanna consider that they owe a lot to science — including the computer they’re currently using.

Whereas religion incites wars (eg. the crusades, radical islamic groups, the Lord’s Resistance Army, and a countless sea of homophobic santimonious bigots). Not to mention all those so-called “morals.” Morals are the product of man’s rule-of-thumb or common sense. People delude themselves into believing that the 10 commandments are the “absolute truth.” As a result, humanity holds itself back from doing the logical thing and getting rid of rapists and murderers. Instead, they send them back to our society to commit more atrocities.

Religion, or the Bible in this case, is not as good as it claims to be. Kinda like those infomercial products.

What do you mean the “biblical monster?” None of that is fiction. Scientists have solid proof that the Bible is true. We have solid proof Jesus Christ is real, and it is faith which holds together the threads. I am not insulting your religion, and I’m not saying that you are wrong. I am just saying that the Bible is God’s Holy Word, so taking advanage of it is not a good idea.

You are, of course, absolutely right. The bible is the word of man, not God. (Unless God is not “God”)..

The bible is an “all-purpose” tool used by people to try to control other people: If they want people to be nice to each other, they can quote “turn the other cheek”, and if they don’t want people being nice to one another, they can quote “an eye for an eye”.

You can easily find a verse or two in the bible to support ANY position you wish to take, good or bad!

lol @ all the people who claim the bible isn’t used for that purpose.

Are you telling me this guy isn’t using the bible to spew hate?:

I understand that the bible isn’t exlusively used to spout hate, but you MUST admit that there are a ton of people who justify bigotry with the bible. If you don’t, your only lying to yourself.

Wake up.

No, The Bible should not be used to spread bigotry and hate. And God is a good God who loves us all.

Bigotry? No.
However, hate …..yes.
Don’t jump to conclusions please!
I am not referring to hatred toward fellow humans.
However, the Bible encourages to hate what is bad.
That’s a good idea.
Nevertheless, it must be kept in mind that the hatred is directed toward the action, or belief, not the person practising it.

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