So Confused! mature answers! 10pts?

I am soo confused! with guys! one day i like one and another i hate him to death and then another i like another guy! i know this is not a good question but i want someone who ddelt with this b4 to tell me what i should do or think!

I know exactly how you feel. I have done that so many times. Just try this. take a break from relationships even from thinking about crushing on someone then when you have done that open yourself up to someone you feel you can have a good relationship with. then dont start crushing on others.

I’m going to take a guess that you’re a teenager. What you’re feeling is completely normal. Your may like one guy today and tomorrow he may do something so stupid or annoying that you are turned off. Then another guy will say or do something that can make your heart melt. But then the next day, he’ll do something stupid too. It’s important to remember that girls mature faster than boys. As for what you should do, the answer is nothing. As you get older, your feelings will change. When time is right, it will happen. As for what you should think, know that what you’re going through is normal and it’s okay. Good luck!

Well, your question is pretty vague, but based only on what you said my guess is that you have self esteem issues. You really want someone when you don’t know if they are really interested in you, but once you have no doubt as to his interest, you feel empty again and are looking for something more exciting. It appears more of a way to stroke your ego and assure yourself that you are desirable. If this sounds like you, you are probably also a huge flirt, but once you have been successful you are not able to take the relationship to the next level. Are you afraid of being hurt? Are you afraid to show the ‘real’ you – warts and all? I would say first look at your parents relationships with each other, and their relationship with you and see if there are indicators.

First, take a deep breath.
Now this is pretty normal so don’t worry about it. in fact, don’t worry about guys at all. You’re emotions are obviously a little out of whack, so you just need to not think about it at all until you can think clearly.
For the guys that you hate sometimes: if it is for any rational reason, like they’ve made you upset, forget them. They don’t deserve you.
Now since you’re being so fickle about guys right now, it’s not a good idea to get into any sort of relationship. Just calm down and wait for a guy to come along who treats you nicely and you don’t find yourself hating and maybe something will happen with that.

Fist of all I’m sorry for your loss. The best thing to do is to not feel guilty for what has been happening. He is taking advantage of you because right now you are at a point where you have lost someone DEAR to you.and you feel like there is no protection. My mother is giving me this advise. Speak to him and tell him to stop hitting you. First speak to your parents and show them the evidence that you have been beated, if your parents dont take action, then you have to denounce you boyfriend to the police. The reason why i take this SERIOUSLY is because my mother was Domestically Abused. You have to VALUE yourself as a Woman otherwise no one will value you.It doesn’t matter ir you are short,tall,skinny chubby. You are great the way you are.But the BEST thing you can do is talk to your parents. I HOPE ALL IS WELL, and Hopefully this works out. God Bless You Always. There is always hope in the Lord

That’s called a crush. You like a guy because on the surface or from what you see of him, he’s interesting/cute/whatever. But once you see more than that he becomes boring, annoying, or sometimes hopefully better. It’s just something you have to deal with. My only advice would be not to act on your feelings right away- wait a while, see if you still like him after a couple days (or longer than how long it usually takes for you to stop liking a guy).

guys r confusing to us but we r also confusing to them. maybe u stop liking the guy when his confusion shows. but guys mature slower than girls so this could b alot of the problem. personally i’d sit down and make a list of what i want in a male and what i want in a relationship. then when u meet new guys turn conversations towards things on ur list. that way u will find out earlier if this is some one whom u should try to build a relationship with.

Nothing wrong with that. As long as you don’t devote your self to anyone, or make any promises; there is nothing wrong with that. Be open and honest, and believe me, everything will work out. You sound young, so you’ll have plenty of time until you find a guy that you actually like, and can stand the next day, lol. Good luck..and don’t stress over it!!

Don’t worry about it. Its normal like someone said. Just don’t get involved with anybody unless you have strong feelings with them, that last a long while. And that doesn’t mean fooling around with these guys. Guys will Not respect you for that, and they won’t care about you. They’ll just want you to get them off, and they’ll make fun of you behind your back. So just take your time, and relax. Good luck

I know exactly what you are going through. I can’t seem to be consistent with how I feel for any guy. It’s hard but I think I am just comparing to many guys to previous people I have dated. I am just trying to go with my gut feelings and get to know people before I make judgements. Hopefully this will work.

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