Some times me and my girl best friend will do sexual things with eachother?

Last night we had a sleepover together, and while we were in the basement and her parents were upstairs asleep we sort of fooled around. We kind of made out, and we fingered each other a bit but that was about it. Its happened before, but this is the furthest we’ve ever gotten. I don’t think I’m…

1. You are 16… Your hormones are EVERYWHERE at the moment… If you think being a chick is confusing, being a guy is 1000X worse at this time and they will hump ANYTHING that holds still.
(NEVER touch a plush toy in a male teen’s bedroom… He has raped it.)

You may just be experiencing a hormonal backlash… You are experimenting, riding the hormones, and are bi-curious. Nothing to be ashamed of but you may grow out of it. ALL TEENS ARE BI-CURIOUS!

2. You may be bisexual. Perfectly normal…

► Bisexuality is a Distinct Sexual Orientation…

A female’s sexuality is far more fluid and malleable than a males… Females are ALL bisexual to one degree or another… All that differs is where each woman falls on the “Bisexual Scale”. Functional MRI Studies have proven that women find beauty in EVERYTHING and even women that register as “Heterosexual” experience arousal at the sight of women alone and women in lesbian erotica.

Men on the other hand… Their hardwiring in the brain IS BLACK AND WHITE. A “Bisexual Man” is virtually impossible… A majority of men that claim to be “Bisexual” are either saying “Bye Bye To Bi and Hello To Homo” as Adam Cerolla says… When heterosexual men are shown pictures of gay erotica, they don’t tend to get turned on, they get an ANGER and DISGUST response…

They can’t help it… This is how evolution has worked on them…

Modern Man can suppress the negative reaction with the understanding that gay people do what makes them happy, they can know and interact with gay males, they can love gay family members… But if they think about the two men do in the bedroom, they can be made physically ill but at least have a negative emotional response.

So… You are normal… Don’ fight it!

it’s not a big deal actually just because you mess around with a girl,doesn’t mean your a lesbian cuz you like guys..your still young so you can’t quite say wether you are bi.lesbian or straight. no it’s not wrong,of course it’s a turn on for you because it’s exciting to mess around with the same sex.if you feel like you should stop it then do stop.the bad thing is if you keep on doing it,then it will leave you confused.

It’s possible you’re bisexual, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Do whatever you think is right, because this is one of those things where there is no right or wrong answer, it’s a personal choice.

It is part of growing up , experimenting with different things , it doesn’t mean you are Lesbian.

don’t worry ur just experimenting, lots of girl do it at ur age. I used to do stuff like that with my bff for fun and it doesn’t hurt anyone so just have fun with it!

It’s simply experimentation. Don’t worry about it.

So what? Do what you want. 🙂
What can go wrong?

don’t stop on MY account !

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