Spiritually speaking, why are my answers for questions that have “NOT” been deleted, disappearing.?

My answers are disappearing. The questions don’t show as “deleted.”

They are not the type of question/answers that would be deleted. This happens on a regular basis.

Are there “answer/question” Goblins out there?

You may need to contact the Y/A Team. Even If the question was deleted, it should show up with your other answers but will show the question as deleted.

@Report Monkey, why didn’t you not your “EDIT?” Let us not be slimy regardless of your name.

You write terrible, horrible, rude, obnoxious, no good, very bad answers that of course I have to report them!! In fact, they are so bad, they get reported without a reported email.

Wanna know why?
Touchy christians

Because this is not the place for atheists

are you disproving religious ideas? cos that usually does it

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