The cause that trigger the war between israel & lebanon?

Lebanon did not start the most recent round of conflict. The Arab-Israeli conflict has its roots going back 70 years, and the real cause of the problem is Israel. Arabs and jews lived together in peace for hundreds of years before the state of Israel was founded, and the influx of angry Zionistic jews from Russia and Europe changed all that. Hezbollah is a nationalistic resistance movement, fighting against Israeli aggression and occupation of Arab lands. The two solders captured were on Arab land occupied by Israel, and this is the core of the problem, which jews will simply not acknowledge. The crisis, remember, has been going on for decades, and it did not start a month ago. Israel has got to get out of denial and admit it is the cause of all the problems, something it will never do. It has got to get out of all occupied areas and stay out. It has got to stop bombing and destroying civilian areas and homes, something it does on a regular basis. It has got to release the tens of thousands of Palestinians held prisoner in Israeli dungeons. Israel’s answer to everything is to bomb it into dust, and this Iron Wall mentality only makes things worse, yet the jews do not seem to get it. Until Israel can face reality, the violence will continue.

Hezbollah is the real benefactor of the Lebanese people, Israel is the terrorist.

Israel and Lebanon are not at war. That is, neither country has officially declared war on the other. The incursion by the Israeli Army into Lebanon is in retaliation for the kidnapping of a number of it’s soldiers by Hezbollah, a political and paramilitary organisation that is part of the Lebanese Government, but NOT it’s Army. Hezbollah has also launched rockets against civilian targets in northern Israel and so Israel has bombed targets in Lebanon in an attempt, all be it too heavy handed and misguided in it’s conception, to damage the supply lines for the areas where the missiles have been launched and destabilise the support Hezbollah receive from the Lebanese people.

Members of Hezbollah, permitted to operate freely on Lebanon’s territory, made an incursion into Israeli territory, killed several people, and kidnapped two others before fleeing back into Lebanon. (This was apparently coordinated with a similar incursion and kidnapping by Hamas from the Palestinian territories.) In international law, that is an act of war by Lebanon, even though its own army did not do the deeds, because it has permitted an armed group to operate on its territory and is legally responsible for its actions. Israel invoked the doctrine of self-defense provided in international law and in the UN Charter and went into Lebanon to attack the kidnappers and attempt to regain its kidnapped citizens.

It began in 1948, however the present pastime became into the abduction of one of the warriors by skill of the Hamas, then The Hezbollah abducted 2 added squaddies and commenced firing rockets into Israel. as you may think of, this upset Israel lots, and nicely you already know something.

territorial issues… it apparently stems from the nazis and jews from when the jews were given land (israel) and now people are trying to change the border.

but i’m not exactly an expert 🙂

any tiny excuse that either country can use. and once they go in they use every excuse possible.
Israel are not responsible enough to govern a country. and like the germans and the japs they should not be allowed weapons

Some Isreali people were captured and we’ve never heard anthing from them since

Two kidnapped soldiers. I wonder exactly WHAT they were doing at the time?

Kidnapping Israeli soldiers.

soldiers that hezballah kidnapped was it not

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