Ugh im so sick of guys being SO PERVERTED! (*girls please*)?

@ skool, almost every guy is so immature and gay and so sick. i mean all they think about is sex and penises and vaginas. haha yeah i SWEAR to god!!! every second i walk, i hear a guy shouting out so that the whole school hears and says PENIS! or SEX really loudly or we were watching a dog movie and a…

ur not alone!!!!
i HATE when this happens!
in homeroom i used to sit next to two best guy friends.then one day i heard them talking about what they would name there childern and one of them said “i would name my girl big crotch”and started laughing then i heard the other one saying “ha and i would name my boy big dick!”
it was SO gross!
but i would just leave them alone.all boys are preveted,stupied,sick mind,assholes!

lol i know what you mean and I’m a guy they are just trying to get attention from girls cause u know that like 80% of what guys my age talk about is sex and stuff like that and i just think some of the **** they say is stupid maybe its just because I’m shy and dont talk a lot. I believe it is a world wide dude thing so ummmm u might have to deal with it for a while because it will take forever for them to grow out of it. I would personally be embarrassed to say something like that……

At that age guys are idiots because they are just discovering sexuality and most are not mature enough to handle it.
So one good thing is when you meet a guy (no matter his age) and he’s not obsessed with sex, (out loud) then you know he’s more mature about it. Soooo hang in there and eventually the guys will grow up and the ones who don’t aren’t worth the time of day. 🙂

I know you said you would like a girl to answer, but heres the guys input. Not all of us are as perverted as you see to think, yes some of us are perverted freaks who only think of sex and all that. On your thing about girls on thier periods we dont know these things we hear rumors and that is how we get information, yes some guys take it too far and it shouldnt happen but it does. But I have bad news you cannot do a thing about these guys pervertedness

JOe makes an excellent point:)

Yeah that’s how it was the whole time for me until I started college. It was like a vacation after suffering from a twelve-year long disease.
Best advice I can give you- stay away from guys like that. Be modest and wait for a sweetie to come along and sweep you off your feet with his charm, wit, and respect.
Annnnddd the guys that you described make me wanna commit suicide.

Uh yeah, it’s so disgusting! Every guy in my school is like that and if a guy doesn’t talk about that they call him gay or a fag or a loser. That’s just mean and especially the guys in my classroom they would talk about girl’s boobs. Like, they would say, “Shut up _______, with your flat self!!” and it’s so annoying it’s not like they got anything so whatever they even asked how do girls get their period but this was in SEVENTH grade. I’m going into Eighth grade once summer is over but all guys are like that but just ignore them, that’s what I do.

^to the dude above I DO NOT even wear Hollister! That’s like so unoriginal and BORING! I dress to impress meaning I stand out when I wear my clothes. I wear clothes that are fashionable not clothes that are boring and just have a name written on it. Not all girls wear Hollister or Abercrombie (EWW beware of the AberZOMBIES!!” so shut up . . .

OMG i know! the kid(boy) who sits infront of me has a crush on 2 of my BFFFLs and everytime you say something he turns it intto something disgusting like ooo i wanna play with her! trust me dont hurt them (unless you wanna get in trouble) or be like me, if u have a verrrry unawere teacher 😉 but i get sick and tired of all there perverted jokes! and its like u dont wanna go to the teachers b/c they dont know their class is like that! UGH if they were this bad this year, im NOT looking forward to next year!

ur lucky u dont go to an all-boys school..

i do and i think that the guys at my school are even more immature and perverted than the ones you have at your school.
its just a bit of a laugh dont take it so seriously. we’re just kidding around

i’m guessing that you are talking about younger boys, like 12-15

they’ll grow out of it soon

OMG ik… for about a month and MORE every guy in my school would try and bring 69 into the conversatin and other stupid jokes like that…. i hate it lol

it’s not just you
and it is so immature and disgusting!!!!
i’m tired of it!
yeah thats all they say penis, vajina, sex, pussy, dick, ***
its disgusting and such a turn off
and the period thing really pisses me off!!
maybe we wouldnt be such bitches if they weren’t so immature

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