What are the chances of me getting the job after a follow up call from interviewer?

Had a job interview 2 weeks ago in a field which im really interested in and majored in school for. I thought it went pretty although im just a fresh graduate with very little work experience.

Anyway they called me exactly 1 week later saying the management is interested in me and if im still interested in the…

It takes time & money to perform a quality background check. They won’t do it for each candidate but will vet the final few. 1-3 weeks is required to do the educational inquiries, especially when there’s a holiday or right at a school break/start of a new semester, such as right now. If they were not interested, they would have already informed you, prior to their most recent contact. Their recent communication informed you that they are taking the next steps, and you should probably expect to hear something by Monday next week with a job offer, or that the position was closed and have a nice life.

If they called back, it means they liked what you said in the interview, but had not yet made a final decision. After a week, it shouldn’t hurt to contact them and ask if they have an update on when a decision will be made. Calling too often isn’t good, but once a week should be OK.

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