What do you guys think of the audi 2004 a4 1.8t sedan? and what class is the audi a4 compared too?

I’ve had 2 A4’s (1998 and my current 2003). They’re great cars. Mine have both been very reliable, very fun to drive (especially in the snow when I can drive circles around any BMW with the quattro system). The fit & finish is an industry leader as is the warranty – maintenance free for the first 4 years (this means you don’t pay for oil changes, light bulbs, wiper blades etc. They’ll even top up your wiper fluid if you want to go to the trouble of taking it to the dealership to have them do it). With the extended warranty you’re covered for the usual warranty items for an additional 2 years – if you buy a used one from a dealership it’s included automatically (at least in Canada it is) if you get the car elsewhere you’d have to purchase the ext. warranty before the original one expires. My 2003 has warranty good to half way into 2009.

As for the 1.8T vs. the larger normally aspirated engine – the larger engine has a bit more power but also sucks more fuel. I find the 1.8T (which is what I have) has plenty of power as it is but for about $600-$700 you can get the engine chip flashed which will give you a pile more power (another 50 bhp approx.) – giving it more than the larger engine will produce. The flashing affects the turbo power so flashing a normally aspirated (non-turbo/supercharged) engine won’t do anything.

Although I haven’t yet done it on my current car the engine chip in my last one was changed and that car went like stink. I got pulled over by a cop once for speeding – he was behind me in an unmarked car and not knowing he was there I stepped on it to pass a couple trucks – when he caught up and pulled me over the first thing out of his mouth was; “Boy, this thing can really move!” then he gave me a muther of a ticket. lol.

class comparisons – Mercedes C-class or BMW 3-series

I’d go with the Audi A4 1.8T with quattro (hard to find one without frankly).

Well the first answer states that the a4 comes with a 2.5 litre V-6. Well thats wrong. Depending on the year of the car (in this case an 04) they could either have the 2.8 litre (like the 04 does) or the 3.0 litre which some of the older models have.
As for power the V-6 will have more of course. But if your planning on doing some mods to the beautiful A4 the 1.8T is the way to go. The older 1.8T’s (before they started to use the 2.0T) has about 170BHP and the V-6 is about 210BHP. But with the turbo in the “T” Models it makes them ALOT faster with the less amount of mods.
As for classes of cars it can be compared to the lower model mercedees like the 300’s Basically any class E,C. The BMW 3 series is a competidor so is the volvo S40 and the Jaguar X-type.

I owned a 2006 audi a4 and to be honest I was a little less then satisfied. First off it is very small, the backseat for adults forget it! and the front seats are uncomfortable for long trips. The interior was very nice, but I just felt like the car overall was a bit overpriced. The repair costs are through the roof. However I got into a car accident, I was completely fine, it felt like a fender bender but I got out and the front was severly damaged, testament to the safety of audis. I would say if you have the money, go for a BMW. X drive isnt as good as quattro, but it’ll do, and overall I just feel more satisfied with my beamer.

I would definitely get the 2.5 litre or the S4, but it’s still a nice car. the competitors are the Mercedes C-Class and the BMW 3-series.

C class Mercs and series 3 BMW’s X type jaguars

The A-4 is the Volkswagen Passat….I had a V6 Passat that was awesome. My pal bought and Audi and the things were the same.

Nice cars, in my opinion. Go look them up on MSN Carpoint and get the full scoop- reliability data, crash data, and more importantly, a bunch of owner ratings. That will really tell you what people think about them.

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