What do you think of Hillary’s direct and blatant lie to the American People?

About being fired on by snipers in Bosnia?

This is not a case of somebody else expressing an opinion, this was a blatant and easily exposed lie. Is she looking for an excuse to drop out? Is she delusional? Does she have such a low opinion of the intelligence of the voters that she thinks she can say “Oops,…

it’s amazing to me, not that every politician is a liar, but that there are so many people who will make excuses for them so they can continue to lie and still get votes. plus, we only get to vote for the people who are thrust upon us in some comedy that we call democracy.

She shot herself in the foot.

Much more serious than any of the mud she has thrown at Senator Obama. This is the most serious gaff by any politician since Nixon’s famous “I can’t stand pat.” remark.

She should just bow out at this point, maybe retire to Castle Grande trailer park.

Only the most retarded of lemmings would follow her after this whopper.

Cant be half as bad as obamas lies about his ties to resko, the amount of money he received and his attendance to his church and actions in congress and so on and so on.
Now obama sheep, go ahead and bad flag me like good little sheep. oh, and dont forget to call me a racist because i wont bow down to the antichrist.

this has been going on since her husband was in the white house and before.we as citizens should not be totally surprised by this. this by the way just takes a bit of pressure of the bigoted obama who wants to also make unknown changes

You don’t misspeak about being fired at on National Television, I sorry no brownie points for that one Hillary

Not so blatant. It was not a safe place. There were snipers everywhere and real risk. Just because she wasn’t actually shot doesn’t change that.

Which one?

in her book she told that story 100% correctly !!

so yes, she obviously misspoke on stage
because when she put it in writing before she got it right.

She is a politician, they all lie.

WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!(or should I say politics world?!)

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