What does playing chess teach you?

Do you think it can be helpful to apply lessons learned from Chess to real life?

What have you learned from playing chess?

Above all else it teaches me never quit. The beauty in chess lies in the fact that even a great player like Fischer or Kasperev does not know everything. Even they have to study. When I lose a game I go back find out why try and get better. In life your not always going to succeed at everthing on the first try.

1. Strategy and patience. Good chess players see a lot unfolding in front of them so they are less likely to get ruffled in stressful situations where they have to think. Chess clocks are the real workhorse for this skill set.

2. Independence and confidence. On the chess board it’s you and the opponent only, mano a mano. There shouldn’t be any kibitzing!

3. Social interactivity. The social rules of chess (ja dieu, quiet room setting, meeting other players, discussing strategy) can make you a better person to talk to and hang around.

Yes, in some aspects. Though it wouldn’t be the first thing I think of when it comes to applying ideas to real life. However, you can build up tactical thinking, planning, always being one step ahead. All of these things are needed to survive in modern society. Not to mention the aspect of sportsmanship, whether or not you’re a sore loser can change the way you are viewed by others. If you play fairly and have fun, then I’m sure the game could be beneficial to your wellbeing and personality.

i play chess and i’ve found over time it has raised my patience for things and logic. helps with math, too. =D

I think it does help with reasoning and logic. Helps you become more methodical.

It teahces strategy and patience

Stategy, logic. patience, thinking ahead, time management, and it exerises your mind…

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