What is with all the virgo hate?!?

So many questions on yahoo people are saying stuff like ‘virgos are so judgmental and perfectionist and too neat, boring, etc.

seriously? i dont even understand where this crap comes from im a virgo and im the messiest most unorganized person i have known. i dunno what im doing with my life so a…

Not everyone loves everyone else. Some will hate you, some will love you. Get over it. You are who you are and you are what you do.

People are ignorant. They should get to know a person before they judge them by their star sign. And I find Virgos interesting.. I mean some are neat and love to be perfectionists while a very few are not. But that’s the trait of a Virgo. I love Virgos who are neat and orderly because they teach me how to handle the disorganized side on me.

I’m Scorpio w/ Capricorn moon.

It doesnt matter what he is, you did a right thing by being a cautious driver, and IMO you are more likely to get into an accident in a traffic jam than in regular traffic, because you move like inches at a time, and you really can’t be distracting during even for a second. Plus talking on the phone while driving is consideret to give about as much impairment as driving drunk. Maybe you should ask him if he would have liked for you to answer his call and risk injuring yourself and others

You are right my lady, I wish people would stop bringing us Virgo’s down, for I am the messiest Male Virgo and I am also unorganized, plus I do not judge people either.

There is more hate in this section that in all the religion, science and politics sections combined. People hate one or two Virgos, and they come in here and get some sadistic kick out of hating on other Virgos they don’t even know. They do it with other signs too. I don’t come here often because I’m tired of hearing all the hate of Pisces.

Well virgo is really not a pleasant sign in my opinion. My rising sign is virgo, sun sign taurus, and I hate my virgo qualities. I am indeed a perfectionist and I obsess over every single imperfection I have, and I also am sooo quick to judge people. Its just how I am. I also worry way too much for my own good, another virgo quality. I don’t hate virgos, but as a whole virgos are not very happy people.

I know… i’m one of the people who asked if they liked Virgos and most of the answers said that we were self-centered, moody, boring, and the list goes on… the only nice things I heard were that we’re mysterious, funny, generous, giving, and… yeah that’s it. The boring and moody part is very right though… only with people I first meet and haven’t opened up to. I’m the craziest freak you’ll meet when i’m with good friends. I do judge a lot though. Really. I’ll look at every single person in the room and not talk to them if they have a certain quality or personality trait. Usually when I get to know them I love them though. Like my VERY good friend now is someone I wouldn’t just bluntly go up to and talk with. I know this sounds racist but she’s really ghetto. She is the coolest person in the world though!! I love her to death. I’m also my worst enemy. I will look at myself in the mirror for an hour and pick out everything I hate… i’ll try to look good just going up to the gas station… i’m way too afraid of what other people think. BUT! I am super nice. If I earn… oh… 100 dollars, i’ll easily spend it on my family and close friends, and save five dollars for me to get a redbull. Haha. Sorry i’m talking about myself, this still applies to you too. I’m just reassuring everyone and YOU that we’re not all dick holes. I met a male Virgo and he was such a jerk and so boring. His idea of a good time was ripping things off the wall in class. I was like, wth?

Edit: And usually I cry when I mess up something I know i’m good at..

I don’t really “hate” virgos, but what you listed does annoy me, being so quick to criticize, perfectionist, judgmental and all that, but I don’t judge a person on that alone. I don’t know you, so I can’t judge you over the internet. There’s really only one virgo I know who fits those descriptions, he’s still a somewhat decent person, but I still despise him, nothing to do with “Ohhh, he’s a virgo, I have to hate him!”…I just don’t like him.


I’m a libra but a moon in virgo
and I am soooooo disorganized. When I feel its the time to tidy up, I WILL tidy up and become a clean freak all of a sudden, but then I will get lazy cos I have so many documents around that I just put it in a corner ;D

Although I’m disorganized, I am very particular about bathing/shower.
I must feel really clean before I come out..
Kind OCD but yea ;p

I love women Virgos but men can come off as pricks. I live with a virgo and g et along with her just fine. She can be a little opinated but who isnt.

There are a lot of questions about hate here. Astrology is and always will be a bigoted concept. But this is desired and accepted among it’s believers. So for them it is fine to hate certain people, if they have the wrong birthday.

Nice to be told how to think and feel.

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