What type of guys do asian girls like?

What kind or personality, what body type, just what attracts asian girls?

for mi since im filo i would choose a filo guy who’s has a gr8 personality, not a show off N money

I’m a white guy who is ******* crazy about azns. I like them more than white girls. I’m not sure why I like them so much, it just kind of developed over the last couple years. I guess you live in a neighborhood with out many azns? Most guys don’t really care what race girls are as long as they’re hot and not a *****. So you don’t have an excuse. Just go talk to ppl.

Asian girls are not a different species. They’re just like any other female… They like confidence but not cockyness. Stick to that and if you’re a good guy, all girls will like you ; )

The smart, funny ones. You get an A+ if you look like Daniel Craig.

This question is fundamentally racist.

To answer it honestly though, every individual person has their own set of preferences when it comes to choosing who to date.

what do u mean azn? like japanese? chinese? korean? indian? southern asia? russian? theres a WHOLE BUNCH…be more specific, and everyone is different, some azn girls like people from their own race same with white girls or black girls….dont really have an answer for that

As far as I know Asian girls do feel attracted to caucasian males..they love our features.

Ones with lots of money

Confidence, sense of humor, lean physique, same with most girls of any race.

I want to see the answers to this one.

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