What would you do for your 10 Year Anniversary?

Ok so today is my 10 year wedding anniversary. We already went out to dinner on Saturday for it. We usually don’t get eachother anything, but since it is the 10 year mark, I thought maybe I should get my hubby something- I mean I always want to, but can never think of anything. He never gets me anything and I…

A card from the heart that lists 10 reasons that you thank God for him. And 10 verses of thanksgiving, one for each.

Ex.-For His faith—- 2 Thessalonians 1:3
We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is fitting, because your faith grows exceedingly

It will take a little time and effort and a loving heart, but that is why he will remember it.

Happy tenth anniversary to you both.
The best gift you can ever give each other is the gift of forever love and respect as God tells us to give one another. The gift of our selves as we are totally subittied to God and then to each other. That is free and the most prized poession. LEt Him know you are giving this to him, and renew your vows. As we begin anew with God, full restoration coems, healing comes.
My husband and I just had our fourth anniverary, and cant wait to reach our tenth, but we assume JEsus is coming first.
Celebrate God and each other today.
YOu are very blessed.
Maybe you could also give him like a hand drawn card if you are into that. That would be a no no from me, as he wouldnt know what it was. That is not a gift for me.
But, often it is the little things that mean the most the things that dont cost. How about making him his favorite dinner if you have no money to go out, and having that dinner served to him in bed. Last year, I got some of those fake rose petals , in differnt colors, and made a path from the driveway, into the house and into the bedroom.
Wonderful anniversary. No details needed. ITs the little things, got them at a dollar store.
Just give him your heart.
Happy ANniversary, let me know how it goes.
God bless you sister.
Sister Shirley

Make it a special evening.
You can plan a special night of Romance,without breaking the bank.
Make his favorite meal,keep it simple, set the table with your best dishes. Use candles for that extra touch. Fresh flowers.
You can pick some from your garden or pick up a small bouquet at your local florist. Treat him to a special bath & massage his tired aching muscles. These are things you can do that are no – to low cost.
Wear something nice and don’t forget the perfume. Lightly spray your hair & clothes. Don’t make the mistake of putting it on your body.
If he gives you a kiss on the neck,he probably wouldn’t appreciate the taste of perfume.
Sweetie 10 years is something to celebrate !
It’s never silly to plan that special night for your husband.
Best wishes Dear.

It depends on the individuals, everyone’s different, but a gift (or material item) is usually always nice to receive, to remember the 10 years when viewed upon, well, 10 years….dinner….. well, it’s the thought that counts, and as long as you enjoyed yourself.
Happy anniversary.

Happy 10th Anniversary!

It’s going to be our 10th anniversary in June! We were thinking about a weekend in Chicago, but we can’t afford it. So we’re going out to Calif. for a week — my father-in-law pays for us to come out every year, so this year we’re going for our anniv.

But we can’t think of anything to do on our anniversary day or evening, other than go out for dinner, too. We’ll be in the Sacramento area.

My husband really wants to exchange gifts to mark our 10th anniv., but he hasn’t told me what he wants yet.

One gift I’m making for my husband is putting together a PowerPoint slideshow of celebrity couples who have many happy married years together. For example, Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward have been married 50 years, this year. So I’ll flash their picture on the screen and “50 years” underneath. Then the last picture with be us with “10 years…and counting!”.

How about planning an overnighter away, or even in town if you don’t have time to get away for a long period of time. This way it’s for the two of you and he would not feel bad about it. If not that get him a HUGE box of expensive chocolates…and in the note you can write…to be shared with your sweety. So again it’s for the two of you. Congratulations that is a huge accomplishment in this day and age.

do you have a special song? my hubby and I dance together to our wedding song each anniversary we both make sure we have 2 copies of it if we can’t find one and we even keep one in the car! dancing is always fun whatever you do slow dance with him and whisper I love you’s to him. You could even pull out pic’s and reminesce on your special day like “remember when” we always remember the bunny hop at our wedding and crack up.

we have picniced in the living room with candle light and finger foods and slow music no gifts just cards with special thoughts to each other. have a great evening and Happy Anniversary!! God Bless!

We went away for an extended weekend to a log cabin in the mountains with a fireplace and a hot tub! I got my wonderful wife a 5 diamond ring!

But that was good for us! SO you do what is good for you!

my wife loves jewelry – sorry what woman doesn’t : )
just kidding ladies.
but i had a friend that put all of their pictures together in a slide show to music and burned it on a dvd. then had a surprise party at the church and showed the dvd to everyone. she cried like a baby. great memories for them. But I like Primoa1970’s idea to. it’s what i always tell my wife! guys are easy!

renew your wedding vowels with all your family and friends there. ask a few friends or your family to bring some covered dishes and have a cake and celebrate afterwards. i can’t wait for my ten years to do this! Congratulations!

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