When you found out that one of your friends or family members were gay, how did you react?

Same goes for lesbian or bisexual.

when i found out that my uncle was gay, i actually thought it was really cool and i appreciate him more now for being himself and not being afraid to admit it.

I was the gay one in my family…

My grandma and grandpa don’t really talk to me and pray for my salvation.
My other grandma asks innocent and naive questions about it.
Mom and dad are still struggling with it, but are generally supportive.
My brother was weirded out by it until one day he realized he could talk to me about “hot girls”
My aunt and uncle wondered why it took me so long to come out.

Oh my family! I love them all… 🙂

I grew up with it as a part of my life, several family members are gay and have lived with their partners as longs as I can remember. I never had a second thought that their relationship was any different or weird than a straight relationship. Still living with this in my family i was still insecure about coming out myself. It was accepted by my immediate family but was not sure how they would react towards me. When I did come out there wasa a bit of a fall out between me and my brother, but I told him I am still the same person I have always been just open about who I really am. It’s been a couple months since we have talked and I hope we can have the close bond we once had, but i’ll have to wait and see. You never know how someone will react till you tell them.

Ummm.. well I only have one family member that i know of thats gay. She is my second cousin so i don’t even know her very well. Either way, when I found out she was gay i was really surprised. But after i got over the surprise i thought it was realy awesome that she was brave enough to come out. Also i think its cool because she is an awesome singer so she shows (in my opinion) that gay people are just as good as straight people. It made me happy! =)

My sister admitted lesbianity when she was, like, 10. So of course I said, “Oh, really? I’m gay! I feel so proud! I won’t tell mom and dad- I promise!” I was actually relieved she accepted that at such an age. And now she’s 13 and still going lez. (I’m so proud!!) And I’m still me- yay!

Good for you!

My god son is gay and I’ve known lesbian and gay men, probably a few bi’s as well.

What they do in their bedroom is none of my business nor is it their business what I do in mine.

They ‘re still the same people to me that they were before they came out . I liked them before, I like em now.

I laughed because somebody else told me about her being a lesbian. It was just uncomfortable laughter. It would have been nice if she had come out and told me herself. She still doesn’t talk to me about it, but her girlfriend is at all our hoilday family gatherings. I like her girlfriend more then her, weird huh.

I kinda knew deep down that she was gay and when she came out it was a relief because now she could be fully honest with herself. I love my friend just as much now as i did when she was still in the closet. Because of her I joined PFLAG

I was glad! I loved this one kid, my best friend by choice. He told me after knowing him for about a year. He was beautiful. We ended up being lovers for 2 years, then we split up…he got tired of me and wanted to move on.

first ingredient’s first, once you’re proud which you’re gay or have no subject approximately your sexuality then it is ideal which you “pop out of the closet”. i’ve got had variety of an identical journey yet mine became right into a rollercoaster, going from adverse to constructive and then adverse back. i’m not attempting to deter you, infact i’m telling you that not everyone will connect you and sing kumbaya :S. i did not pop out to my mothers and fathers, they found out themselves… and this became into massly adverse. I instructed them i became into gay at 14 and because then i’ve got been abused with the help of them, bodily, psychologically, emotionally, and verbally. it is variety’a strange for me with the aid of fact specially circumstances they are the nicest mothers and fathers in the international then later they are able to be the backside assholes interior the international.back DON”T BE DISCOURAGED!!! This became into my tale and your’s is unquestionably gonna be distinctive. enable your partitions give way to human beings you truthfully have confidence, and dad out totally to them, they are going to understand 🙂 quite some my close acquaintances prevalent me for being ME 😀 that became into the up area; and plus once you’re out then it is lots greater handy to locate the guy you’re born to be with, your soulmate :). start up with the help of popping out on your mom with the aid of fact a mom’s heart is soft and she or he will in no way carry a grudge, and then tell her to convience your dad to settle for you, with you interior the room. wish this permits 🙂 and good luck! i would be praying for you. Byee! :)<3

i was so proud of my sister (i am a bisexual and had come out about a month prior)
in my hoonest opinion love is love no matter who its wityh and what happens in the bedroom is between the 2 ppl in it. (or however many like i said i dont care:P)
my mom said the same thing as me. 🙂

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