Who is more agressive, Palestinians or Israelis and why?

Who killed Rachel corrie? Ran her over using a bulldozer, all she was doing was opposing the destruction of a Palestinian doctors house.
Tom hurndel, shot in the head by Israeli sniper fire…
The samouni family, who were evacuated by the idf into a new house, but the idf, whithout any morals decided to demolish the building on top of their heads, killing over 20 members of the same family, including children.
Who killed iman darweesh a 13 year old? 3 shots to the head and emptied the entire magazine into her body. All she was doing was going to school
who illed Mustafa tamimi? A gas canister shot straight at his eye.
Who uses white phosphorus in populated areas and schools?
Who killed the international activists on board the flotilla?
Who treats Jewish Ethiopians like **** and subhuman scum?
Who was behind the 2 qana massacres in Lebanon?
In Sabra and shatilla
In khan younis
In deir yaseen
Kind David hotel bombing?
USS liberty incident?!? (Israels not only aggressive to Palestinians, but its so called ‘closest allies’, the americans)
Used cluster bombs in Lebanon
Destroys homes without compensation…
Ethnically cleansed 531 Palestinian villages

Is it really that hard to realise who the aggressor is? Youre pathetic.

And no…give me ONE incident of a Palestinian child blowing themselves up, or their parents FORCING them to. It was their own ridiculous choice. But none managed to blow themselves up.
And the very fact that CHILDREN are getting to the point of wanting to blow themselves up and kill innocents tells you something about the other side doesn’t it?

Someone very biased without any analytic sense would say that Israel is more aggressive and would give you a lot of examples (of course they will omit the aggressive acts of the palestinians – Demma and Michael for example).

but think about this, an oppressor will always look bad on the world eyes, he has an organized and high technology army, he controlled and unfortunately in some cases humiliate the oppressed people and in response to aggressive action his response is more aggressive.
In the other side you have the palestinians, some of them could commit acts like killing three little kids after they killed their parents, they can send a boy full explosives to explode in some public place in Israel.

But when asking who is more aggressive, I can’t avoid to think what would had be if the Palestinians were the oppressor people, they would behave better ?. I am convinced that they would not , on the contrary. You can see all over the world how the arabs in general behave in masses , in most of the cases they behave like barbarians willing to kill whoever opposed them or “insulted” they “beloved” mohamed .
So the aggressiveness should be analyzed not in the Israel-palestinian conflict but in a more cultural sense context.
Several peoples along the history were oppressed worse than the palestinians , still i believe that none of them were willing to send their children to explode in the market and celebrate it after he exploded with other innocent civilians (that’s a cultural thing).

Top marks to Deema where every single one of his examples is 100% correct. I would like to see the reasons why 6 pro Israelis gave him thumbs down Do they not like the truth ? Lets see if anyone can comment on this link which, although its been posted many times, never get an answer

The history of the conflict:
Arabs in general and arabs who live in Palestine in particular started 5 wars out if 6.
Israel started only one.

Arabs who live in Gaza had been launching on Israeli cities 30- 40 rockets a day, every day, for more than three years. Only after almost four years of fruitless petitions to the UN Israel retaliated with the operation Cast Lead.

I think the answer :hwho is more aggressive is more than clear.

Both have been very aggressive at various times in the last 60 years or so.

The Palestinians, in most cases. They strap bombs to innocent children to go and blow up more innocent people, in shopping markets and schools. Israeli’s only target military places and only attack back when Gaza sends bombs over the border.

i would have to say that both tend to have the “agressive” trait…

WHAT DO YOU THINK, “Peace will come when the Arabs start to love their children more than they hate us.”

If you were living in your land and in your house, and some one came from other country and attack you and your house, your children and steal your land. who would be aggressive , you or the the attacker….that’s why..

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