Who is the cutest Jonas Brother?

Minus Frankie, who do you think is the cutest Jonas Brother?
+or Nick

I don’t care if you don’t think that any of them are cute, you can say so, but just please don’t say so rudely!
Just say that you don’t like them and go to a different question and be done with it!

Nick and then Kevin.

i think of the youngest is the main cutest and good-looking. i’m able to work out which you like Jonas bothers. i’m going to prefer to share some data with you with i got here into wisdom on a similar time as listening on radio. I heard that ‘colbie’ (singer) stated that she wont ever circulate on a date with any of the Jonas Brothers. she claimed that they are liars.

Jon Bon Jovi

None of them are cute. Now, I’ll be on my way to a different question because I’m done with it!

All of them are sooo cute and hot!!! But i have to say nick is the cutest!! … And yeah i soo agree with you, I am soo sick of Anti-Jonas people putting their rude comments!!

Nick is the cutest, but Joe is the hottest.

None of the above. I’m true to MY man Derek Jeter, unlike my stupid troll who tries to be me and acts like she likes him (she/he is on this page)

All of them are losers and need to go to a deserted island and NEVER COME BACK!

then Joe
and then kevin

nick jonas

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